Our March 2016 issue of Font Faves features Auburn from Albatross, Choplin from René Bieder, and Neology from Shinntype.

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Fontspring: Font Faves Newsletter | March 2016
Auburn Poster
Auburn Poster1 Auburn Poster2
Auburn Sample Text

Auburn is a beefy brush script with unusual cursive flair. Useful for weddings and invitations, it combines all that we love about modern calligraphy and brush scripts, and even includes some great extras!



Choplin Poster
Choplin Poster1 Choplin Poster2
Choplin Sample Text

A great geometric slab serif, Choplin by René Bieder is built on simplicity and neutrality, and fits a variety of uses. If you’re looking to do big bold titling or brand identity in a modern or classic way, this is an option you should strongly consider.

René Bieder


Neology Poster
Neology Sample Text

Neology, from Shinntype, is a wonderful sans serif built on an interesting premise: each font has both geometric and grotesque glyphs that pseudo-randomly alternate. This creates incredibly interesting typesetting for those confident graphic designers. Perhaps a little risky for the blue suit crowd, but we highly recommend it anyway.



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