Our July 2016 issue of Font Faves features Muriza from TypeMates, Omorika from Posterizer KG, Laski Sans from Re-Type, and CA Recape from Cape Arcona Type Foundry.

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Fontspring: Font Faves Newsletter | July 2016
Muriza Poster
Muriza Poster1 Muriza Poster2
Muriza Sample Text

Muriza by Typemates is a large slab serif family with a great amount of usability and weights going all the way from hairline to extrabold. It would make a fantastic display typeface for any designer looking for flexibility and a more contemporary look, especially in print or websites.



Omorika Poster
Omorika Poster1 Omorika Poster2
Omorika Sample Text

A condensed serif with very rough characteristics, Omorika by Posterizer KG is a nice hispter or rustic font to add to a collection when everything you have looks the same. Competing with the sans or scripts, this serif fits right in its own niche. It also switches between characters as you write, accentuating the hand drawn nature of the font.

Posterizer KG


Laski Sans Poster
Laski Sans Poster1 Laski Sans Poster2
Laski Sans Sample Text

Laski Sans is a humanist sans designed specifically for corporate documentation and branding. It has all the features you would need, including extensive Latin support and a wealth of alternates, ligatures, and weights.

Laski Sans


CA Recape Poster
CA Recape Poster1 CA Recape Poster2
CA Recape Sample Text

CA Recape is a “best of” collection of vintage styles, combining styles from different eras rather than sticking to one specific look. Good for any time you want a retro flare without forcing yourself down one particular style.

CA Recape
Cape Arcona Type Foundry


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