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CA Recape is a brush script font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Cape Arcona Type Foundry.


CA Recape Regular


CA Recape Raw


CA Recape is a weird and beautiful vintage script family with two styles. It’s an excellent choice for creating logotypes, headlines, signs, poster and any design that requires a custom-made feeling.

The basic inspiration for CA Recape comes from American 50s lettering. But instead of reviving one special style, it is a kind of “Best of”-Remix. It takes the weirdest and most beautiful letterforms of a weird and beautiful time and merges them into one font. The outcome is a charming bastard. Guess what it looks like: Weird and beautiful.
CA Recape is packed with a lot of OpenType features like underlining swashes, Stylistic, Discretionary, Titling and Contextual Alternates and Ligatures for use in OpenType savvy programs. It also comes with some nice Ornaments.

Derived from the original typeface, Cape Arcona Type Foundry also offers a Raw style that has the distressed look of a poorly printed raw font.

Foundry Cape Arcona Type Foundry
Price $49.00
Style Brush Script
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
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