Our January 2016 issue of Fontface features Pseudonum from Paulo Goode, Local Brewery from Cultivated Mind, and DIN 2014 from ParaType.

Fontspring Fontface Newsletter January 2016

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | January 2016


Pseudonym by Paulo Goode is a serif font with subtly flared serifs. It works well for unicase styling and is primarily useful for logos and branding, but could also be used in other display situations. What really sets this font apart though is its quirky opentype features with fun ligatures and catchwords to jumpstart your designs.

Paulo Goode

$45.00 $180.00

Introductory Offer - 75% off until February 6th


A vintage style font family to go with your craft beer obsession, Local Brewery is simple and effective. Cultivated Mind has a knack for popular fonts, and this one is no exception. It even comes with 2 rough sans for contrast.

Local Brewery
Cultivated Mind

$126.00 $180.00

Introductory Offer - 30% off until February 7th


DIN really doesn’t need an introduction. It is popular and it is that for a reason. This ParaType version also features Cyrillic characters, giving it even more usability.

DIN 2014

$147.00 $490.00

Introductory Offer - 70% off until February 4th

the top deals


Reg $139.00   Now $41.70 until January 18th



Reg $44.00   Now $33.00 until February 4th


Mucho Sans

Reg $89.00   Now $22.25 until January 22nd



Reg $126.00   Now $88.20 until February 5th

the notable links


Canada’s New Typeface

Our friend Ray Larabie was chosen to create a font to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, incorporating English, French, and other indigenous languages. Congratulations Ray and congratulations Canada!



Letters from Space

Adam Voiland, a science writer for the NASA Earth Observatory, has searched through gigs of satellite imagery from around the globe and has found all 26 English letters.



Designing Chinese Typefaces

A great article from Quartz outlining the challenges and intricacies of designing foreign language fonts...and you thought making a Latin based font was hard!

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