Our February 2016 issue of Fontface features HMS Gilbert from Fenotype, Qanelas from Radomir Tinkov, and Blog Script from Sudtipos.

Font Faves Newsletter | February 10, 2016

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | February 2016


A font family that combines the contemporary scripts with some big chunky distressed sans, HMS Gilbert is a perfect family for those who want their flexible families to be rougher. My personal favorite is “Dry Brush”, which nails the style it’s shooting for.

HMS Gilbert

$44.99 $149.00

70% off until February 8th


You can never have enough Geometric Sans in your toolkit (we know, we’ve tried) and Qanelas is a beautiful and fully-featured option from Radomir Tinkov. If only it was a real word, those Q words with no U are so useful in scrabble.

Radomir Tinkov

$38.00 $190.00

80% off until February 25th


Never content to just follow trends, Blog Script shows that Sudtipos has an incredible eye for design. Making a font that feels as personal as a blog is no mean feat, but Alejandro and Carolina pull it off with style.

Blog Script


the top deals


Reg $195.00   Now $49.99 until March 12th


Di Mare

Reg $95.00   Now $66.50 until March 2nd



Reg $126.00   Now $37.99 until March 2nd



Reg $149.00   Now $39.99 until February 8th

the notable links


We've introduced Demo Fonts!

Want to try out a font in your design for free? Show a client a proposal without having to purchase the font until you get their OK? You now have the option with Demo Fonts from Fontspring.



Goodbye Clearview!

In a stunning move, US officials reject both experts and their own eyesight and transition road signs back to Highway Gothic. Clearview, we hardly knew ye.



An interview with the creator of Papyrus

Second only to the vitriol felt by Comic Sans, Papyrus seems like it's here to stay. Learn about the history of the font and its designer in this in-depth story from Fast Company. Hint: Microsoft is mostly to blame.

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