Our March 2016 issue of Fontface features Bio Sans from Dharma Type, Michael from mysunday, Eponymous from Paulo Goode, and Maya Script from Radomir Tinkov.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | March 2016
Bio Sans Poster
Bio Sans Poster1 Bio Sans Poster2
Bio Sans Sample Text

Bio Sans from Dharma Type will be one of the best typefaces we release all year. It is a solid, neutral, geometric typeface that will give you a lot of versatility for your money. Brand identity, editorial, UI would all benefit from Bio Sans. If you're trying to kick the Helvetica habit, this would be a fantastic alternative.

Bio Sans
Dharma Type

$125.00 $250.00

50% off until March 24th

Michael Poster
Michael Poster1 Michael Poster2
Michael Sample Text

A beautiful handdrawn script, Michael by mysunday is extra thick, and handles overlays and backgrounds cleaner than your typical modern calligraphy script. It's definitely a solid addition to your script collection.



Eponymous Poster
Eponymous Poster1 Eponymous Poster2
Eponymous Sample Text

We often complain around the office that there aren't enough interesting slab serif typefaces. Eponymous from Paulo Goode is different from the rest in a good way. It's slight retro vibe sets it apart and gives it charming character. This family screams to be used as large as possible.

Paulo Goode

$29.00 $139.00

Introductory Offer
79% off until March 25th

Maya Script Poster
Maya Script Poster1 Maya Script Poster2
Maya Script Sample Text

Maya Script from Radomir Tinkov is a more natural, organic take on the modern calligraphy styles so popular right now. It's essentially a script equivalent of those super-condensed-handrawn-all-uppercase typefaces. It looks naively simple, but is so packed full of extras that it can deliver a convincing, hand-drawn look.

Maya Script
Radomir Tinkov

$10.99 $29.00

65% off until April 1st

the top deals

Vanilla Shot

Reg $59.00   Now $29.99 until March 31st

Vanilla Shot Poster Vanilla Shot Poster 2

Core Sans BR

Reg $140.00   Now $35.00 until April 2nd

Core Sans BR Poster Core Sans BR Poster 2

Only You Pro

Reg $99.90   Now $29.97 until March 31st

Only You Pro Poster Only You Pro Poster 2

Mila Script Pro

Reg $89.00   Now $17.99 until April 15th

Mila Script Pro Poster Mila Script Pro Poster 2
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