Our June 2016 issue of Fontface features Old Harbour from Anastasia Dimitriadi, Haboro Slab from Insigne Design, Woodford Bourne PRO from Paulo Goode, and Meltow from Typesketchbook.

Fontface Newsletter | June 2016

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | June 2016


A modern font with a vintage vibe, Anastasia Dimitriadi brings a unique take on the modern multi-style family. If you want your designs to have more of an indie look than a rugged look, this is a great choice. We especially like the spur-like points on the titling fonts.

Old Harbour
Anastasia Dimitriadi

$24.00 $60.00

Introductory Offer - 60% off until June 15th


Haboro Slab is a font focused entirely on clarity and cleanliness, something most slabs only have as an afterthought. Use it in place of a sans for when you want a new flavor but with the same kind of feel. Haboro is especially useful thanks to the condensed and extended options, and would be an ideal starter text font for a new company to add.

Haboro Slab
Insigne Design



We raved about Woodford Bourne when it first came out, and the new Pro version has enough additions that we think it deserves another mention. Including the same two styles built into one that the original had, it now adds a slew of OpenType features as well as a completely redrawn and re-spaced set of base characters. If you were on the fence before, you really have no excuse for not pick this one up now.

Woodford Bourne PRO
Paulo Goode

$49.00 $99.00

Introductory Offer - 51% off until July 1st


Meltow is a beautiful mix of brush script and thin/rough sans that pair well together. Effecting a unique “stationary look”, it is another addition in the ever-growing script trend. It has more of a stamp-like appearance than many of its counterparts, and and under $19.80 it’s a steal for the price.


$19.80 $99.00

80% off until June 30th

the top deals


Reg $60.00   Now $15.00 until July 4th



Reg $1056.00   Now $359.04 until June 28th



Reg $140.00   Now $28.00 until June 24th



Reg $198.00   Now $99.00 until July 1st

the notable links


It Matters What Words Look Like

Finally, all of your friends will now believe you when you tell them that font choices and styling really are life or death decisions.



Full-Width Justification

We absolutly love XKCD, especially when it deals with typography. In this case, we're not quite sure why more font designers don't put snakes in their fonts.



The Lost Art of the Movie Title

All of this talk about vintage fonts made us want to remenisce, so here's an older article showing off some fantastic old title credits.

the fine print

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