Our September 2016 issue of Fontface features Nefelibata from My Creative Land, Questa Slab from The Questa Project, Blooming Elegant from Nicky Laatz, and Cheddar Gothic from Adam Ladd.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | September 2016
Nefelibata Poster
Nefelibata Poster1 Nefelibata Poster2
Nefelibata Sample Text

The display font world is seeing somewhat of a renaissance, with top font designers introducing new variations and ideas into the mix. Nefelibata has a unique look to it, which fits the dreamy posters perfectly. It's a simple family, but comes with rough variations for almost every weight, just enough to add interest.

My Creative Land

$27.65 $79.00

65% off until September 11th

Questa Slab Poster
Questa Slab Poster1 Questa Slab Poster2
Questa Slab Sample Text

One of the best and most versatile font families in our library just improved and became more versatile! Questa is a bestselling font family with a cornucopia of uses, mostly due to its variety of styles. Now with Questa Slab, you can add display and headlines to that list! So give it a try with the free weight, and before you know it, you'll be using the whole family too.

Questa Slab
The Questa Project


Blooming Elegant Poster
Blooming Elegant Poster1 Blooming Elegant Poster2
Blooming Elegant Sample Text

Elegant is a perfect description for this new font by Nicky Laatz. It follows the shape of much of the new modern calligraphy, without the roughness or the hard-to-read characters that accompany many of the style's fonts. Add in a simple all-caps sans and a very cute hand drawn variant, and you have everything you need to design invitations, greeting cards, posters, signs, and more!

Blooming Elegant
Nicky Laatz

$12.50 $25.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until September 10th

Cheddar Gothic Poster
Cheddar Gothic Poster1 Cheddar Gothic Poster2
Cheddar Gothic Sample Text

It's fitting that Cheddar Gothic by Adam Ladd has cheese in the name, as I feel this font works especially well for food-related advertising. It has vintage themes and nice blocky letters, making it perfect for display use. The added serif style allows for more variation as well, letting you subtly mix styles and keep your themes fresh.

Cheddar Gothic
Adam Ladd

$10.50 $35.00

Introductory Offer - 70% off until September 16th

the top deals


Reg $250.00   Now $69.00 until October 5th

Fnord Poster Fnord Poster 2

Acherus Grotesque

Reg $180.00   Now $45.00 until September 25th

Acherus Grotesque Poster Acherus Grotesque Poster 2

Sanchez Slab

Reg $126.00   Now $88.20 until September 19th

Sanchez Slab Poster Sanchez Slab Poster 2


Reg $29.00   Now $14.50 until September 15th

Lullabies Poster Lullabies Poster 2
the notable links
Designing Stranger Things

Designing Stranger Things

This Wired article takes you through the design process of the title sequence of a great new show from Netflix, Stranger Things. The choice to use the retro ITC Benguiat perfectly sets the mood, and transports you immediately back to 1983.

How Taste is Influenced by Type

How Taste is Influenced by Type

Sarah Hyndman, author of a book about the psychology of type, Why Fonts Matter, has a new event scheduled to look at how label design and typeface choice influence our perception of how wine tastes. I might just stay home and run my own experiments later tonight.

TypeCon 2016 in Review

TypeCon 2016 in Review

Kyle Read from Badson Studio summarizes many of the main themes from TypeCon, held August 24-28 in Seattle, WA. Fontspring was a convention sponsor, and sent a team to meet with and learn from giants in the type industry.

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