The December 2016 issue of Fontface features Geogrotesque Slab from Emtype, Renata from Laura Worthington, Hogar from Latinotype, and Bourton from Kimmy Design.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | December 2016
Geogrotesque Slab Poster
Geogrotesque Slab Poster1 Geogrotesque Slab Poster2
Geogrotesque Slab Sample Text

Emtype is back with another great addition to their Geogrotesque family: Geogrotesque Slab. It's a perfect choice if you’re looking for a subtle slab to fit in your display headlines. Clear and legible thinner weights make this family a great text font as well.

Geogrotesque Slab
Emtype Foundry

$174.50 $349.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until January 16th

Renata Poster
Renata Poster1 Renata Poster2
Renata Sample Text

In a world where the rougher fonts in the “modern calligraphy” category are all the rage, it’s nice to remember there’s still a place for more elegant fonts. Fortunately for us, the queen of elegant fonts, Laura Worthington, has created another winner. Class up your invitations or your signage with Renata and take advantage of the versatile style along with a boatload of extra features.

Laura Worthington

$12.50 $25.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until December 12th

Hogar Poster
Hogar Poster1 Hogar Poster2
Hogar Sample Text

Hogar is beautiful in its simplicity. A monolinear script font that pairs up with a sans, it’s the concept of our design kits distilled to their purest form. If you're looking for clean and contemporary with a unified theme, Hogar would make a great pick. Included are interior design dingbats, making it especially suited to home related design projects.


$59.99 $199.00

Introductory Offer - 70% off until December 3rd

Bourton Poster
Bourton Poster1 Bourton Poster2
Bourton Sample Text

Bourton is a multi-style family with an old city vibe that’s almost Americana in style. It has your typical combo of sans and script (with some rough options), but it also includes some great inline layering choices that make putting a poster together rather effortless. All this variety for only $99 is a great deal.

Kimmy Design


the top deals


Reg $249.00   Now $49.80 until January 1st

Mercenary Poster Mercenary Poster 2


Reg $37.00   Now $17.00 until February 17th

Madelyn Poster Madelyn Poster 2


Reg $477.75   Now $334.42 until December 9th

Drive Poster Drive Poster 2


Reg $70.00   Now $28.00 until January 29th

Raski Poster Raski Poster 2
the notable links


The team at Figs has created a brand new font that weaves text and data together into cohesive and powerful designs. We applaud their creativity and their desire to push the bounds of font technology in such a cool and attractive way.

Designing Color Fonts

Designing Color Fonts

In the last month, Adobe has announced their work on OpenType-SVG fonts, a brand new font technology that allows the addition of SVGs to existing text. Currently they have two fonts available, EmojiOne Color and Trajan Color Concept. We're excited to see how this technology gets used by creative designers.

Democratizing Early Digital Type

Democratizing Early Digital Type

Thomas Rickner, formerly lead typographer at Apple, shares some of his early work on bringing quality digital typography to the masses through the Mac. While not the entire story, it’s a great glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work that birthed the type industry as we know it today.

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