Our February 2018 issue of Fontface features Mont by Fontfabric, Rival Slab by Mostardesign, Thang by Fenotype, and Rumble Brave by Alit Design, as well as a link to an article on Kazakhstan's new alphabet, an critique of the use of Helvetica in the promotional materials for Steven Spielberg's The Post, and a blog on the use of typography throughout international subways.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | February 2018
Mont Poster
Mont Poster1 Mont Poster2
Mont Sample Text

Spanning a wide range of weights from hairline to Black, Mont is a 20 font family that stands out in a sea of sans serifs. With its geometric design, prominent x-height, pointed “t”, and other special touches, it’s a solid choice for big headlines and legible content. Check out the free demo fonts or grab the entire family for a low introductory price.


$49.00 $245.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until March 2nd

Rival Slab Poster
Rival Slab Poster1 Rival Slab Poster2
Rival Slab Sample Text

The newest addition to the Rival collection is a slab well-suited for all kinds of projects. Its angles and curves give it a refined, contemporary feel, with beveled endings that shine in larger weights. Rival Slab is currently available for 85% off until the end of the month.

Rival Slab

$29.85 $199.00

Introductory Offer - 85% off until February 28th

Thang Poster
Thang Poster1 Thang Poster2
Thang Sample Text

Fresh from the streets of Finland comes a script family with street cred. Thang hits all the right notes with large swaggering caps and a narrow width. Give this breezy script some extra style with Thang Extras - an energetic set of swashes and dingbats.



Rumble Brave Poster
Rumble Brave Poster1 Rumble Brave Poster2
Rumble Brave Sample Text

Nothing says luxury like a well-placed vintage victorian typeface. The Rumble Brave package has all the ornament, inline, and shadow effects you’ll need for elegant labels, letterheads, and logos.

Rumble Brave
Alit Design


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Bushel & Peck

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TT Wellingtons

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TT Wellingtons Poster TT Wellingtons Poster 2


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Klainy Poster Klainy Poster 2


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Crossten Poster Crossten Poster 2
the notable links
Kazakhstan’s New Alphabet

Kazakhstan’s New Alphabet

The president of Kazakhstan has decided it’s time to switch from Cyrillic to a new script based on the Latin alphabet. The language, however, needs something a little extra that no existing alphabet can offer. His controversial solution involves a lot of apostrophes.

Helvetica in The Post

Helvetica in The Post

For a movie about the Washington Post in the early 1970s, one might expect a calligraphic logo that reflected the iconic masthead. Instead, Helvetica is implemented, and type nerds are scratching their heads. Andrew Gruttadaro of The Ringer weighs in on the issue.

Subway Typography

Subway Typography

Ever traveled to a foreign country and been so rushed that you weren’t able to truly appreciate the typography and aesthetics of your surroundings? Ricardo Magalhães has compiled this set of photos from metro stations across the globe, so you can enjoy international typography from the comfort of your own home.

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