Our September issue of Fontface features Radcliffe by Zetafonts, Squad by Fontfabric, Kelpt by Typesketchbook and Cast by Dominique Kerber. We also include links to the Hololens app Type in Space, an article on Netflix's usage of fonts for their original programming, and a series of uplifting typographic billboards by Goodtype.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | September 2018
Radcliffe Poster
Radcliffe Poster1 Radcliffe Poster2
Radcliffe Sample Text

There’s a lot to love about the Radcliffe family. It offers an original style that looks fresh and elegant. From the tasteful curves to the hairline ink traps, Zetafonts crafted a serif family that is both sophisticated and enjoyable to look at in display and text.


$48.33 $179.00

Introductory Offer - 73% off until September 24th

Squad Poster
Squad Poster1 Squad Poster2
Squad Sample Text

Fontfabric draws inspiration from Frutiger’s design with Squad, a refined humanist sans with 18 styles. Squad’s sharp horizontal curves add a balanced contrast to its semi condensed structure. For a smart and simple sans, Squad is up for the task.


$35.80 $179.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until September 16th

Kelpt Poster
Kelpt Poster1 Kelpt Poster2
Kelpt Sample Text

With a hefty 54 fonts, the Kelpt super family from Typesketchbook is a tall drink of water. The condensed width stands loud and proud in headlines and packaging, while its rounded corners offer a soft touch. This high impact font has a trendy modern style that hits all the right notes.


$24.00 $160.00

Introductory Offer - 85% off until September 30th

Cast Poster
Cast Poster1 Cast Poster2
Cast Sample Text

Dominique Kerber’s Cast is a subtle and suitable sans family for a wide variety of usage. Its angled notches, open forms and technical look are clean and appealing in both large and small formats.

Dominique Kerber

$99.00 $279.00

65% off until September 30th

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Corner Deli

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TT Nooks

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the notable links
Type in Space

Type in Space

Microsoft’s HoloLens technology allows holographic overlays in a physical environment. Add a bit of interactive typography with the Type in Space app and explore another level of word play.

Netflix Font Psychology

Netflix Font Psychology

Sara McGuire examines the title typography of Netflix shows and breaks down some of the fundamentals of font usage in brand perception.

Goodtype Billboards

Goodtype Billboards

Take a look at these positive billboards by lettering artists that were donated in 21 states as part of Goodtype’s Instagram challenge.

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