Our December issue of Fontface features Brandon Grotesque Condenses by HVD Fonts, Fixture by Sudtipos, Faktum by René Bieder, and Mohr Rounded by Latinotype. We also feature a link to our Adobe Fonts blog post, a Vox article about type design in recent films, and a New York Times article on the prevalence of Choc on New York storefronts.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | December 2018
Brandon Grotesque Condensed Poster
Brandon Grotesque Condensed Poster1 Brandon Grotesque Condensed Poster2
Brandon Grotesque Condensed Sample Text

Brandon Grotesque has become a staple in modern typography, and the newest addition to the Brandon library is on track to be no exception. Its slender letterforms are a wonderful complementary set, but they look just as beautiful as a stand-alone family.

Brandon Grotesque Condensed
HVD Fonts

$174.30 $249.00

Introductory Offer - 30% off until December 10th

Fixture Poster
Fixture Poster1 Fixture Poster2
Fixture Sample Text

Sudtipos offers a gigantic helping of sans serifs ranging from ultra compressed to expanded. This 72 font collection covers all the bases for maximum dynamic range. Whether you want slim subtlety or hard hitting impact, you can have it all for one low price with Fixture.


$199.50 $399.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until December 15th

Faktum Poster
Faktum Poster1 Faktum Poster2
Faktum Sample Text

René Bieder’s newest family stands out from the standard sans. Faktum’s stout geometric structure is offset by tapered organic curves, sharp bends, and other organic details. This 16 font family comes packed with plenty of alternate characters and other OpenType features.

René Bieder

$49.80 $249.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until December 22nd

Mohr Rounded Poster
Mohr Rounded Poster1 Mohr Rounded Poster2
Mohr Rounded Sample Text

The latest addition to Latinotype’s Mohr collection is a soft rounded sans. As striking as its older brother yet more friendly and organic, Mohr Rounded has a warm and charming look. This 27 font family hits all the right notes, in both alternate and basic forms.

Mohr Rounded

$38.87 $169.00

Introductory Offer - 77% off until December 10th

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Salom Poster Salom Poster 2

Joane Stencil

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Joane Stencil Poster Joane Stencil Poster 2


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Grold Poster Grold Poster 2
the notable links
Adobe Fonts and Fontspring

Adobe Fonts and Fontspring

Enjoying the benefits of Adobe Fonts with your CC subscription? Read our latest blog post and find out how our perpetual licensing will keep you worry-free as you discover new fonts.

Fonts in Film

Fonts in Film

Eliza Brooke examines the role of fonts in recent films like Sorry to Bother You, Suspiria, and The Favourite. Take a look at the creative process of type design for the silver screen.

Choc in New York City

Choc in New York City

Rumsey Taylor of the New York Times uncovers the mystery of how one little typeface became such a prevalent choice for New York storefronts.

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