Our March issue of Fontface features Moret by The Northern Block, Lunair by Seventh Imperium, Iconic by Zetafonts, and Noah by Fontfabric. We also feature links to Type Hike’s Arch poster project, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of SNL’s cue cards, and an interview with author Sarah Hyndman on the creation of her new card game, "What’s Your Type: The Type Dating Game".

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | March 2019
Moret Poster
Moret Poster1 Moret Poster2
Moret Sample Text

Retro modern serif fonts are all the rage these days, and Moret is a well-executed and welcome addition. Northern Block has constructed a stunning display family with a semi-condensed structure and striking calligraphic serifs.

The Northern Block

$25.79 $128.95

Introductory Offer - 80% off until March 18th

Lunair Poster
Lunair Poster1 Lunair Poster2
Lunair Sample Text

Lunair includes not just a stylish retro sign painter script, but also stackable layers to add depth and dimension. Choose from solid, inline, or embossed versions and add extruded details and shading for a finishing touch. In any combination, Lunair feels fresh, clean, and polished.

Seventh Imperium

$45.00 $75.00

Introductory Offer - 40% off until March 31st

Iconic Poster
Iconic Poster1 Iconic Poster2
Iconic Sample Text

For a soft and friendly sans with a smooth modern monolinear design, look no further than Iconic by Zetafonts. Iconic's simple, rounded geometric elements are balanced by its natural hand-drawn feel. Stylish stencil variants and pictograms are included as well.


$35.00 $175.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until March 22nd

Noah Poster
Noah Poster1 Noah Poster2
Noah Sample Text

Fontfabric’s newest 72 font geometric sans family is both delightful and versatile. Noah is dynamic with its varying degrees of generous x heights in nine weights and true italics. This extensive family blends the best aspects of humanistic and geometric styles into one impressive collection.


$75.80 $379.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until March 31st

the top deals


Reg $570.00   Now $114.00 until April 30th

Attractive Poster Attractive Poster 2

Ariana Pro

Reg $199.00   Now $29.85 until March 31st

Ariana Pro Poster Ariana Pro Poster 2


Reg $179.00   Now $39.38 until March 14th

Aila Poster Aila Poster 2

Armin Grotesk

Reg $299.00   Now $44.85 until March 31st

Armin Grotesk Poster Armin Grotesk Poster 2
the notable links
Type Hike: Arch

Type Hike: Arch

Type Hike’s poster projects are always chock-full of beautiful artwork and innovative typography. This month, they’ve unveiled their latest series inspired by the Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis. Purchase prints and vote for your favorite entries.

SNL: The Art of the Cue Card

SNL: The Art of the Cue Card

Saturday Night Live has a longstanding tradition of handwritten cue cards, as opposed to teleprompters. Take a look behind the scenes at the creative energy and artistry that goes into making the cards as legible as possible every week.

Sarah Hyndman: What’s Your Type

Sarah Hyndman: What’s Your Type

Go inside the mind of Sarah Hyndman (author of Why Fonts Matter) and discover what lead to the creation of her latest card game, “What’s Your Type: The Type Dating Game”.

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