Our May issue of Fontface features Breton by Latinotype, Klein by Zetafonts, Leftfield by Fenotype, and Point Soft by Ndiscover. We also feature links to Coca-Cola's rebranding for Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge parks, the Typography Insight app for iOS, and an analysis of the logos and branding choices of 2020 presidential candidates.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | May 2019
Breton Poster
Breton Poster1 Breton Poster2
Breton Sample Text

Breton makes ideal use of space and rhythm with its chunky slab serif look and narrow footprint. Letterforms like the lowercase r and lowercase f are cropped tightly and naturally so they feel complete. This 20 font family is modern, readable, and full of personality.


$39.80 $199.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until May 8th

Klein Poster
Klein Poster1 Klein Poster2
Klein Sample Text

Zetafonts created a love letter to Futura with this wholesome and understated family. Klein is a hefty helping of 54 clean fonts, designed to be your go-to legible sans in any variation.


$37.35 $249.00

85% off until May 19th

Leftfield Poster
Leftfield Poster1 Leftfield Poster2
Leftfield Sample Text

Baseball fonts can often look kitchy when used without caution, but Fenotype has switched things up with a game-changing collection. The aptly-titled Leftfield comes with clean and rough styles, swashes, and a complementary sans. It’s a modern tasteful take on a classic brush script that covers all the bases.


$24.15 $69.00

Introductory Offer - 65% off until May 23rd

Point™ Soft Poster
Point™ Soft Poster1 Point™ Soft Poster2
Point™ Soft Sample Text

Point Soft looks as comforting as a freshly-fluffed pillow. This friendly rounded geometric 20 font family is easy to read and easy to love. NDiscover has made a huggable family that never feels childish or cutesy.

Point™ Soft

$29.80 $149.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until May 11th

the top deals

Corsa Grotesk

Reg $179.00   Now $35.80 until May 31st

Corsa Grotesk Poster Corsa Grotesk Poster 2


Reg $150.00   Now $27.00 until May 10th

Gopher Poster Gopher Poster 2


Reg $169.00   Now $25.35 until May 31st

Vicky Poster Vicky Poster 2


Reg $199.00   Now $99.50 until May 18th

Calicanto Poster Calicanto Poster 2
the notable links
Coca-Cola in Galaxy’s Edge

Coca-Cola in Galaxy’s Edge

Disney imagineers are masters of theming and immersion, down to the smallest details. See how designers have adapted the iconic look of Coca-Cola products to fit thematically in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge additions to Disney parks.

Typography Insight app for iOS

Typography Insight app for iOS

Typography Insight for iPhone is a handy guide for basic type tips and terms that you can take on the go. Compare typefaces, and sync a library from Creative Cloud to unlock more features. Get it on the App Store now for $1.99.

Branding choices of 2020 campaigns

Branding choices of 2020 campaigns

Despite being limited to Democratic candidates, Anchored Creative Studio is an in-depth analysis of the typefaces, colors and logo designs used in the presidential campaigns of 2020.

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