Our June issue of Fontface features Intro Script by Fontfabric, Nicholas by Shinntype, Ergonomique by Paulo Goode, and Boardwalk Avenue by Fenotype. We also feature links to Type Hike's Alphabeast book of poetry, an article on Gotham's rise to ubiquity, and a peek into the world of font detectives like Thomas Phinney.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | June 2019
Intro Script Poster
Intro Script Poster1 Intro Script Poster2
Intro Script Sample Text

Fontfabric’s Intro Script family is both trendy and friendly. The soft hand-crafted script becomes more and more delightful in thicker weights. The family includes 3 sets of “Goodies” which offer banners, patterns, and upbeat catchwords that will brighten anyone’s day.

Intro Script

$19.25 $87.50

Introductory Offer - 78% off until June 29th

Nicholas Poster
Nicholas Poster1 Nicholas Poster2
Nicholas Sample Text

Nicholas by Shinntype is a hefty retro-inspired serif that is anything but clunky. As we witness a rise in the popularity of wedge serifs, Nicholas is a perfect fit. Designed to be tightly kerned without touching, these letterforms are tailor made for visual harmony and readability.


$24.75 $99.00

Introductory Offer - 75% off until June 30th

Ergonomique Poster
Ergonomique Poster1 Ergonomique Poster2
Ergonomique Sample Text

Paulo Goode’s Ergonomique is a set of 18 spurless humanist sans serifs. Ergonomique’s sleek modern look is enhanced by nuanced details like slightly angled terminals and a semi-wide appearance. This versatile family is ideal for display purposes, but still reads smoothly in larger portions of text.

Paulo Goode

$60.00 $180.00

Introductory Offer - 67% off until June 20th

Boardwalk Avenue Poster
Boardwalk Avenue Poster1 Boardwalk Avenue Poster2
Boardwalk Avenue Sample Text

The Boardwalk Avenue collection from Fenotype offers a set of display fonts that look equally as dapper independently as they do collectively. Boardwalk Avenue offers three distinct styles (a casual monolinear script, a high contrast serif, and a sturdy serif) in two weights for a total of six handsome fonts.

Boardwalk Avenue

$20.00 $50.00

Introductory Offer - 60% off until June 21st

the top deals


Reg $179.00   Now $62.65 until June 10th

Magnat Poster Magnat Poster 2


Reg $189.00   Now $47.25 until June 10th

Lovelace Poster Lovelace Poster 2

Clarize Display

Reg $29.00   Now $7.25 until July 14th

Clarize Display Poster Clarize Display Poster 2

TT Hoves

Reg $149.00   Now $29.80 until July 15th

TT Hoves Poster TT Hoves Poster 2
the notable links
Type Hike Alphabeast book

Type Hike Alphabeast book

Type Hike’s beautiful typographic Alphabeast poster series is now a book of poetry. The book is available for pre-order through Type Hike and begins shipping this month.

How Gotham took over the world

How Gotham took over the world

Gotham has had a sharp rise to ubiquity since its public debut in 2002. Though we’re now seeing serifs come back into fashion, see how this minimalist font became so prominent in culture.

Font detectives

Font detectives

When fraud is made evident by the use of anachronistic typefaces, it’s all in a day’s work for Thomas Phinney, font detective.

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