Our February issue of Fontface features Palo Slab by TypeUnion, Regional by Sudtipos, Antona by Exljbris, and Resolve Sans by Fenotype. We also link to the making of Fenway Center's new branding, Twitter's new proprietary typeface, and a look back at Nintendo's rejected Wii logos.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | February 2021
Palo Slab Poster
Palo Slab Poster1 Palo Slab Poster2
Palo Slab Sample Text

The Palo Slab superfamily will make a memorable first impression in any of its 108 styles. For outstanding branding, look no further!

Palo Slab

$80.00 $200.00

Introductory Offer - 60% off until March 15th

Regional Poster
Regional Poster1 Regional Poster2
Regional Sample Text

The Regional family is a smart take on old style serifs with an enthusiastic diagonal stroke. These 28 fonts are sure to be the perfect fit, whether they’re condensed, thin, expanded, black, or variable.


$149.50 $299.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until February 27th

Antona Poster
Antona Poster1 Antona Poster2
Antona Sample Text

The always impressive Exljbris Font Foundry presents a new geometric sans family. Antona is a reliable sans in eight weights plus italics for a total of 16 handsome fonts.

exljbris Font Foundry


Resolve Sans Poster
Resolve Sans Poster1 Resolve Sans Poster2
Resolve Sans Sample Text

Fenotype’s new Resolve Sans runs the gamut of possibilities from long chunks of text to logos, and everything between. This 124-font family can be used as a sturdy workhorse or an effective display font.

Resolve Sans

$67.35 $449.00

Introductory Offer - 85% off until March 31st

the top deals

Amarela Stencil

Reg $79.00   Now $31.60 until February 26th

Amarela Stencil Poster Amarela Stencil Poster 2


Reg $160.00   Now $32.00 until February 28th

Picaflor Poster Picaflor Poster 2

Glance Sans

Reg $179.00   Now $89.50 until March 12th

Glance Sans Poster Glance Sans Poster 2


Reg $55.00   Now $27.50 until February 22nd

Haeock Poster Haeock Poster 2
the notable links
Fenway Center 2021

Fenway Center 2021

Fenway Center’s new branding by Mubien is clever, simple, and distinct.

Twitter’s Chirp typeface

Twitter’s Chirp typeface

Twitter’s new visual identity ditches Helvetica for a proprietary sans.

Wii’s rejected logos

Wii’s rejected logos

When Nintendo released the Wii system, they definitely went a safe route with the logo. Which is your favorite of the more playful options that didn’t make the cut?

the fine print

Masthead set in Balboa & Tenez, body set in Questa Slab & Tenso

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