Our September issue of Fontface features Milanesa Serif by Sudtipos, Bunker by Alit Design, Skate by DearType, and Jetlab by Swell Type. We also include a link to our review of Jessica Hische's picture book "Tomorrow I'll Be Brave", an article regarding the headache-inducing Twitter Chirp typeface featuring Thomas Jockin, and the "Marvel Character or Font" quiz.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | September 2021
Milanesa Serif Poster
Milanesa Serif Poster1 Milanesa Serif Poster2
Milanesa Serif Sample Text

It’s no surprise that Sudtipos has once again topped our list with a unique serif family. Milanesa’s expressive flares and high contrast range from subtle to exuberant in seven different weights. A variable font is included as well for even more range.

Milanesa Serif

$64.50 $129.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until September 11th

Bunker Poster
Bunker Poster1 Bunker Poster2
Bunker Sample Text

Here’s a fun one! Bunker is a chunky layered slab with raw handmade charm. 3D, inline, and dot layers will give you plenty of options for charming combinations.

Alit Design


Skate Poster
Skate Poster1 Skate Poster2
Skate Sample Text

This elegant retro set by DearType made our heads turn. With classic swashes, stylish ligatures and a complementary sans, this little family will go a long way.


$25.00 $100.00

Introductory Offer - 75% off until October 5th

Jetlab Poster
Jetlab Poster1 Jetlab Poster2
Jetlab Sample Text

Jetlab by Swell Type is the ultimate retrofuturistic typeface. This massive lineup consists of 45 fonts plus a variable weight, so you’ll be well-equipped for any intergalactic planetary journey.

Swell Type

$100.00 $200.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until September 13th

the top deals

Organic Pro

Reg $249.00   Now $99.60 until September 27th

Organic Pro Poster Organic Pro Poster 2


Reg $160.00   Now $64.00 until October 2nd

Mazot Poster Mazot Poster 2


Reg $160.00   Now $64.00 until October 14th

Headlines Poster Headlines Poster 2

Malnor Sans

Reg $144.00   Now $72.00 until September 30th

Malnor Sans Poster Malnor Sans Poster 2
the notable links
<i>Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind</i> Review

Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind Review

In case you were preoccupied, Jessica Hische’s adorable follow-up to her best-selling children’s book was released last year. We’ve written up a review on the Fontspring blog.

Thomas Jockin on Readability

Thomas Jockin on Readability

Twitter’s new Chirp typeface is literally giving users headaches. TypeThursday founder Thomas Jockin puts it into perspective in this interview with The National.

Marvel Character or Font?

Marvel Character or Font?

“Excelsior!” Think you’ve got a handle on font names and the Marvel Comics universe? You might be surprised. We only got 16/20 on this super-fun quiz.

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