Our May issue of Fontface features Proxima Sera by Mark Simonson, Fromage by Adam Ladd, Wienerin by Sudtipos, and Peridot PE by Foundry5. We also link to our Font Spring sales event, an article about a typewriter artist, and a foundry survey conducted by Dinamo.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | May 2022
Proxima Sera Poster
Proxima Sera Poster1 Proxima Sera Poster2
Proxima Sera Sample Text

Proxima Sera answers the question that designers and typographers have asked for more than fifteen years — what serif typeface should I pair with Proxima Nova? Look no further than the latest stunning serif family from the legend himself, Mark Simonson!

Proxima Sera
Mark Simonson Studio


Fromage Poster
Fromage Poster1 Fromage Poster2
Fromage Sample Text

Despite its name, there’s nothing “cheesy” about this beautiful display sans. Designed with Adam Ladd’s signature personality, Fromage’s dramatically angled terminals and elongated stroke endings lend an elegant air and a dynamic rhythm, perfect for fashion, beauty, or luxury branding.

Adam Ladd

$49.50 $99.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until May 27th

Wienerin Poster
Wienerin Poster1 Wienerin Poster2
Wienerin Sample Text

The Wienerin family by Sudtipos is a modern take on Bauhaus, Art Deco, and Scandinavian design. It also includes frame dingbats for a variety of ornamental layers and geometric multilinear patterns to complement the text.


$149.50 $299.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until May 14th

Peridot PE Poster
Peridot PE Poster1 Peridot PE Poster2
Peridot PE Sample Text

Foundry5 has burned the midnight oil to create a high-quality superfamily of ten weights, six widths, italics and a variable format for a grand total of 121 fonts! Peridot is loaded with personality with enough stylistic variants to change the typographic tone to suit your mood.

Peridot PE

$79.50 $159.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until May 23rd

the top deals

Proxima Soft

Reg $734.00   Now $367.00 until May 28th

Proxima Soft Poster Proxima Soft Poster 2

Thirsty Script/Rough/Soft

Reg $147.00   Now $73.50 until May 28th

Thirsty Script/Rough/Soft Poster Thirsty Script/Rough/Soft Poster 2

Brandon Grotesque

Reg $249.00   Now $124.50 until May 28th

Brandon Grotesque Poster Brandon Grotesque Poster 2

Acherus Grotesque

Reg $100.00   Now $40.00 until May 28th

Acherus Grotesque Poster Acherus Grotesque Poster 2
the notable links
Font SPRING Sales Event!

Font SPRING Sales Event!

You may have noticed our Top Deals section is looking rather impressive this month. That’s because our Font SPRING sale is officially in bloom! We’ve hand-picked bunches of deals from our top foundries. See what’s popping up now and stay tuned for more giveaways and flash deals!

Typewriter Art by James Cook

Typewriter Art by James Cook

You could say James Cook is a “type designer”, but not in the traditional sense. His portraits are drawn using vintage typewriters. Cook’s “typiction” of Tom Hanks even earned a personal response from the famous typewriter enthusiast himself.

Dinamo’s Type Foundry Survey

Dinamo’s Type Foundry Survey

We love to see constructive dialogue between designers. Swiss type agency, Dinamo, reached out to 15 fellow foundries with a survey covering topics such as the state of the type industry, their biggest challenges, and other bits of creative advice.

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