Our June issue of Fontface features Cerulya CF by Connary Fagen, Fregan by Seniors Studio, Realgar by Emtype Foundry, and Antipoda by Sudtipos. We also link to John Giardiniere (of Fontspring) on an episode of Better: The Brand Designer Podcast, Donald Tarallo’s Font Stories, and a look at the design of Instagram Sans.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | June 2022
Cerulya CF Poster
Cerulya CF Poster1 Cerulya CF Poster2
Cerulya CF Sample Text

Embrace the lightness with Cerulya CF. This modern display family from Connary Fagen has oodles of charisma packed into its airy and delicate silhouette.

Cerulya CF
Connary Fagen Type Design


Fregan Poster
Fregan Poster1 Fregan Poster2
Fregan Sample Text

This sharp serif and sans combo from Seniors Studio is a double dose of elegant display fonts at an amazingly low price.

Seniors Studio

$6.30 $21.00

Introductory Offer - 70% off until June 22nd

Realgar Poster
Realgar Poster1 Realgar Poster2
Realgar Sample Text

Realgar by Emtype is a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Its clean, familiar design combines elements of grotesque, humanist, and geometric styles.

Emtype Foundry

$174.50 $349.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until June 12th

Antipoda Poster
Antipoda Poster1 Antipoda Poster2
Antipoda Sample Text

Sudtipos offers a fresh take on a grotesque display sans. With distinct ink traps and a flexible feel, Antipoda comes in condensed, regular, and expanded widths plus a variable option as well.


$64.50 $129.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until June 30th

the top deals


Reg $129.00   Now $64.50 until June 30th

Fionas Poster Fionas Poster 2


Reg $24.00   Now $15.60 until June 30th

Mongek Poster Mongek Poster 2


Reg $149.00   Now $22.35 until August 18th

Cassius Poster Cassius Poster 2

Double Knuckle

Reg $25.00   Now $15.00 until August 18th

Double Knuckle Poster Double Knuckle Poster 2
the notable links
Better: The Brand Designer Podcast

Better: The Brand Designer Podcast

Fontspring’s own font licensing expert (John Giardiniere) explains it all on a recent episode of Better: The Brand Designer Podcast. We are thrilled to have chatted with Jen and Esther, spreading the good word that font licensing doesn’t have to suck!

Donald Tarallo: Font Stories

Donald Tarallo: Font Stories

Donald Tarallo of Tarallo Design is in the midst of hosting a series of talks on his experience in the type industry and the creative process behind his work. Many will be broadcast via Zoom, so be sure to register and tune in!

Instagram Sans

Instagram Sans

A new bespoke sans serif for Instagram’s visual refresh was unveiled recently. Read about the creation of Instagram Sans by the Meta design team.

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