Our April 2016 issue of Fontspring Five features five layered font families, including Microbrew Soft from Albatross, Mrs Berry from Hipopotam Studio, Core Magic from S-Core, Balboa Plus from Parkinson Type Design, and Trend from Latinotype.

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Fontspring: Fontspring Five Newsletter | April 2016

Layered fonts are an easy way to get a variety of added styles into your designs, from 3D to shadows to rough textures. They’re also incredibly popular right now. So if you’ve been missing out, here are 5 families to get you started. The best part? They work in design programs OR as webfonts.

Microbrew Soft Poster
Microbrew Soft Poster1 Microbrew Soft Poster2
Microbrew Soft Sample Text

Microbrew Soft by Albatross - $24.50

Mrs Berry Poster
Mrs Berry Poster1 Mrs Berry Poster2
Mrs Berry Sample Text

Mrs Berry by Hipopotam Studio - $50.00

Core Magic Poster
Core Magic Poster1 Core Magic Poster2
Core Magic Sample Text

Core Magic by S-Core - $49.00

Balboa Plus Poster
Balboa Plus Poster1 Balboa Plus Poster2
Balboa Plus Sample Text

Balboa Plus by Parkinson Type Design - $40.00

Trend Poster
Trend Poster1 Trend Poster2
Trend Sample Text

Trend by Latinotype - $159.00

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