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Balboa Plus is a display sans font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Parkinson Type Design.

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Balboa Plus Primary


Balboa Plus Fill


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Balboa Plus Gradient


Balboa Plus is a condensed sans serif display family. It was originally conceived as a simple black and white typeface. But it seemed unfinished, begging for something more. I decided to try adding a couple layers of fill and detail to try and make it interesting. The result is this four-layer chromatic font family.

The Primary Font is the Main Font. The other fonts (Fill, Inline, and Gradient) only exist to support the Primary Font. The Fill font should sit behind the Primary font (there is a little color trapping going on). The rest is even easier.

Foundry Parkinson Type Design
Price $10.00
Style Display Sans
Licenses Desktop
Web Font