Our July 2016 issue of Fontspring Five features fresh fonts to highlight your headlines, including Trump Gothic Pro, True North, Arigola, Novecento Sans, and Marujo.

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Fontspring: Fontspring Five Newsletter | July 2016

Everyone needs a headline, especially in the world of flat and responsive design. Often it’s the one thing people read on your site before they start clicking through to the products, so make sure it’s the best looking part of your site. We’re using some recent trends here to give you five suggestions on doing it better.

Use a sans with small details and alternates:

Trump Gothic Pro Poster
Trump Gothic Pro Poster1 Trump Gothic Pro Poster2
Trump Gothic Pro Sample Text

When a designer knows their fonts are going to be used widely, they put small details in or alternate characters, so you can tweak your text and show things you would miss otherwise. Trump Gothic Pro has some of these features, and it’s one of the many reasons this is such a great headline font.

Trump Gothic Pro
Canada Type



Texture, texture, texture:

True North Poster
True North Poster1 True North Poster2
True North Sample Text

One of the main reasons texture is so popular right now is because of the popularity of full-screen backgrounds and pictures on websites with responsive design. Making a headline in a rough font lets some of the background show through, an effect that’s very pleasing on the eyes.

True North
Cultivated Mind



Slabs are still in:

Arigola Poster
Arigola Poster1 Arigola Poster2
Arigola Sample Text

The key is to pick a slab not everyone else has. Arigola has some great subtleties and doesn't look like every other slab else, so you can stand out when you use it.

The Northern Block

$39.79 $53.06

25% off until August 20th


When in doubt, go wide:

Novecento Sans Poster
Novecento Sans Poster1 Novecento Sans Poster2
Novecento Sans Sample Text

Or Narrow. The key is to have something that looks different than the rest of your text, and Novecento Sans is fully equipped to do just that.

Novecento Sans
Synthview Type Design



Less words? Go crazy with characters:

Marujo Poster
Marujo Poster1 Marujo Poster2
Marujo Sample Text

If you’re one of the few writers gifted with brevity, you’ll get a lot of use out of crazy characters that draw attention to your text. Just don’t start blocking out paragraphs or things will get messy very quickly.

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