Our Typesavers 2nd Edition for September 2016 highlights the Schizotype Flash Sale, Rufina Stencil from TipoType, Mato Sans from Maciej Włoczewski, TT Walls from Typetype, and Unboring form Pintassilgo Prints.

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Fontspring: Typesavers Newsletter | September 29, 2016


Schizotype Fonts Flash Sale - 57% off for only one more day!

Rufina Stencil - Now $22.00  Reg $110.00

80% off until November 16th

Mato Sans - Now $29.00  Reg $290.00

Introductory Offer - 90% off until December 14th

TT Walls - Now $14.00  Reg $50.00

72% off until November 11th

Unboring - Now $21.00  Reg $30.00

30% off until October 31st

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