The March Typesavers features Kardinal from Lettersoup, Isabel Condensed from Letritas, Gliny from Typesketchbook, Ulises from W Foundry, Escalope from Antipixel, Rough Beauty from Pedro Teixeira, and Tchig Mono from Schizotype.

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Fontspring: Typesavers Newsletter | March 2017

Kardinal - Now $29.90  Reg $299.00

Introductory Offer - 90% off until April 10th

Kardinal Sample Text
Kardinal Poster1 Kardinal Poster2

Isabel Condensed - Now $25.35  Reg $169.00

85% off until April 15th

Isabel Condensed Sample Text
Isabel Condensed Poster1 Isabel Condensed Poster2

Gliny - Now $16.50  Reg $110.00

85% off until May 31st

Gliny Sample Text
Gliny Poster1 Gliny Poster2

Ulises - Now $31.99  Reg $199.00

Introductory Offer - 84% off until April 8th

Ulises Sample Text
Ulises Poster1 Ulises Poster2

Escalope - Now $24.50  Reg $98.00

75% off until March 24th

Escalope Sample Text
Escalope Poster1 Escalope Poster2

Rough Beauty Script - Now $7.00  Reg $14.00

50% off until April 8th

Rough Beauty Script Sample Text
Rough Beauty Script Poster1 Rough Beauty Script Poster2

Tchig Mono - Now $35.00  Reg $70.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until April 12th

Tchig Mono Sample Text
Tchig Mono Poster1 Tchig Mono Poster2
the fine print

Masthead set in Balboa & Tenez, body set in Questa Slab & Tenso

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