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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | May 2, 2022
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We’re fresh into week two of Font SPRING sale event! We’ve hand-picked deals galore from our top foundries, and we’re spreading them out from April 25 through May 28. This week we’ve got two new flash deals, and new giveaway contests in addition to the amazing foundry-wide savings and deals that were announced last week.

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We are currently running two giveaways on Twitter and Instagram. Follow, like, comment and share for a chance to win up to $50 in Fontspring Credits! Winners will be randomly selected and contacted this Thursday, May 5.

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Some of our participating foundries are offering huge savings on font families for a very brief period of time (2 days to be exact). We’re calling these offers Flash Deals. You can view our upcoming schedule of Flash Deals below.


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Garet Sample Text

Garet by Spacetype | 40% OFF: MAY 2-3!
Garet is a clean, modern geometric sans that appeared on our Best Fonts of 2021 list. With its high x-height, and soft letterforms, the Garet type family consists of 22 fonts ranging from thin to fat. In addition, all of them are combined into one variable font that will give you unlimited opportunities to explore and express without restrictions.

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Gogh Sample Text

Gogh by Spacetype | 40% OFF: MAY 4-5!
Gogh is another gorgeous sans that appeared on our Best Fonts of 2020 list. Despite its distinctive character, it blends evenly in paragraphs without being overly distracting. The generous x-height, easily distinguishable glyph forms, and open terminals help make it super legible. Gogh is also available as a fully functional variable font, which gives unlimited opportunity to explore typography without the restrictions of predefined weights.


May 9-10:
by Antonio Lechuga - 60% OFF

May 11-12:
Mestiza & Mestiza Sans
by Antonio Lechuga - 60% OFF

May 16-17:
by Swell Type - 75% OFF

May 18-19:
Calluna & Calluna Sans
by Exljbris - 75% OFF

May 23-24:
Freigeist, Mackay, Magnat, Novera, Rational
by René Bieder - 50% OFF

May 25-26:
Torus Pro
by Paulo Goode - 50% OFF

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The following foundries are currently running Foundry-wide discounts on their entire Fontspring libraries for the duration of the event (now through May 28)!⁠

Antonio Lechuga - 45% OFF!

Art Grootfontein - 50% OFF!

Connary Fagen - 25% OFF!

Eclectotype - 30% OFF!

Fenotype - 45% OFF!

Horizon Type - 60% OFF!

HVD Fonts - 50% OFF!

Latinotype - 50% OFF!

Lettersoup - 50% OFF!

Paulo Goode - 20% OFF!

Positype - 50% OFF!

Resistenza - 50% OFF!

Rodrigo Typo - 50% OFF!

Swell Type - 50% OFF!

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Essentials like Thirsty Script, Proxima Soft, Brandon Grotesque, and more are all available for unbeatably low prices! We hope you will take the time and check out all of the amazing deals. What are you waiting for?

View the Font SPRING 2022 lineup here!

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