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Paulo Goode


A one-man type foundry based in the south-west of Ireland, Paulo Goode released his first typeface at the end of 2014 – and he hasn’t stopped creating and publishing fonts since.

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Woodford Bourne  |  18 Styles starting at $15.00 (6 free)
Carrig Pro  |  12 Styles starting at $25.00
Eurocine  |  36 Styles starting at $30.00 (2 free)

With 30 years’ experience in illustration, graphic design and website development, Paulo decided to try his hand at type design at the age of 45. He designs mainly display type that has a branding focus – exactly the kind of type he would have used himself throughout his career. He specializes in creating versatile fonts that are packed with features and present good value for all intended users.

Paulo Goode

Paulo Goode

Type Designer

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