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Designed by Paulo Goode, Arundel is a display and blackletter font published by Paulo Goode.

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Arundel Solid


My third typeface release is Arundel, inspired by cast iron lettering above the former Arundel store in my home village. I had been walking past this iconic façade for over 2 years admiring their “heavy metal” style and could easily envisage a typeface that could be used for band logos, posters and even product branding.

It is difficult to age the existing Arundel type, it is definitely blacksmith-made and forged in iron. Naturally, my promotional images play on that metallic feel.

I see Arundel as being a typeface that feels immediately at home within the heavy metal genre; posters, logos, etc., but could also work equally as well for branding craft beers, engineering products and high fashion lingerie… okay, maybe not the lingerie…  Arundel is primarily a display typeface for titles/headlines in printed materials. I imagine designers will use Arundel for branding, packaging and promotional material and am keen to hear from anyone who uses it in their own work.

There are 2 design styles within this typeface, upper case letterforms are faithful to the original curvaceous design, whereas the lowercase letterforms are more angular with additional spurs.

Foundry Paulo Goode
Price $15.00
Styles Blackletter, Display
Designer Paulo Goode
Licenses Desktop
Web Font