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Designed by Paulo Goode, Slabber is a display slab and slab serif font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Paulo Goode.

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Slabber Regular


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Slabber is a big ol’ chunky serif that’s specifically designed for display purposes – headlines, logotype, branding, titles, packaging, signage, etc. Its characteristics include heavy bracketed serifs with a strong 19th century wood type influence, while a very large x-height combined with a small cap height creates an awkward tension that delivers a strong, stylish, contemporary typeface. Slabber is enhanced by 22 alternates that will allow you to add flourishes to your typography. All Latin European languages are covered in this 6-weight typeface.

Key features:

  • 6 Weights
  • 22 Alternates
  • European Language Support (Latin)
  • 500 glyphs per font.
Foundry Paulo Goode
Price $30.00
ReleasedJuly 23, 2020
Styles Display Slab, Slab Serif
Designer Paulo Goode
Licenses Desktop
Web Font