Our April 2016 issue of Fontface features Canvas from Yellow Design Studio, Sans Beam from Stawix, Suomi Hand from Suomi Type Foundry, Brown Pro from Shinntype, and Akhand Soft from Indian Type Foundry.

Fontface Newsletter | April 2016

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | April 2016


Ryan Martinson is the master of texture, and Canvas, his new font, highlights this all the more. A variety of rough stylized fonts really look like they belong on a canvas, or a chalkboard, or the side of a building. If you’re looking for a big family of display fonts that don’t look like all the others, this is a fantastic choice.

Yellow Design Studio

$24.00 $79.00

Introductory Offer - 70% off until April 9th


There are two ways to get a font to look good at both big and small sizes. One way is to introduce small features in a font that only are noticeable at big sizes, like Brown in this newsletter. The other is to create two distinct versions, one for big sizes (display) and one for small (text). Sans Beam embraces this second method, to fantastic results.

Sans Beam

$30.00 $300.00

Introductory Offer - 90% off until April 11th


If you look at this font and think “I don’t get it, it just looks like someone’s handwriting” then you understand the point. A handdrawn font with over 700 ligature pairs, some serious attention was put into making this font natural and believable. Ditch whatever handdrawn font you were using to simulate notes before, this is your new go-to.

Suomi Hand
Suomi Type Foundry



The fantastic grotesque sans from Nick Shinn has been updated and overhauled a few years after it’s initial release, and boy is it a looker. Sporting refined proportions and added visual interest, it fits just as well in display as it does in small text sizes. It’s also on the more condensed end of the spectrum, so use it when you don’t want things to look condensed, but you still need to fit lots of text in a smaller area.

Brown Pro

$49.00 $249.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until April 19th


A soft variant of their popular “Akhand” font, Akhand soft is a display sans with slightly rounded edges. It works great for modern articles or designs. It’s also condensed, which allows it to be used in place of other condensed headlines that may be a bit harsher, as was the trend from the last couple years.

Akhand Soft
Indian Type Foundry


the top deals

Festivo Lowercase

Reg $119.00   Now $19.00 until May 19th


Hoxton North

Reg $179.00   Now $89.50 until April 30th



Reg $39.00   Now $27.30 until May 1st


Cervo Neue

Reg $290.00   Now $58.00 until May 14th

the notable links


Fonts + Bicycles = Sans Car?

Who ever thought making a font incorporating bike parts would be so much fun? Definitely not us, and yet this recent project by Marcel Piekarski is awesome!



Unification through Type

Johnston Sans, commissioned by the London Underground in 1913 and still in use today, has stood the test of time. This article traces the origins of Johnston Sans, as well as one of its many successors, Gill Sans.



Word as Image

Part typography project, part brain-teaser, Ji Lee has created great imagery incorporating words as images. Our favorites include Elevator and ill.

the fine print

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