Our August 2017 issue of Fontface features Sequel Sans from OGJ Type Design, MADE GoodTime from MadeType, Lagu Sans from Alessio Laiso Type, and Scandiebox from My Creative Land, as well as an article highlighting Calibri's role in the case against Pakistan's Prime Minister, an interview with Bethany Heck about font pairing, and a classic rock typography quiz.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | August 2017
Sequel Sans Poster
Sequel Sans Poster1 Sequel Sans Poster2
Sequel Sans Sample Text

It’s summer, and that means your favorite blockbusters are getting sequels. Unlike movie sequels though, there’s nothing disappointing about Sequel Sans. Made as an homage to Max Bill, the influential mid-century Swiss architect, artist and designer, this typeface will resonate strongly in modernist projects, or anywhere else clean lines are a necessity.

Sequel Sans
OGJ Type Design

$36.00 $200.00

Introductory Offer - 82% off until September 15th

MADE GoodTime Poster
MADE GoodTime Poster1 MADE GoodTime Poster2
MADE GoodTime Sample Text

We love our big expansive multi-style families here at Fontspring, but we also love small families that find something unique and capitalize on it. Goodtime is a font of just two styles, a simple script and a blocky display sans. Use them together for contrast, or alone for legible display goodness. Sometimes you just need something different to get you out of a design rut, and for $12, this is a great way to do it.

MADE GoodTime

$9.50 $19.00

50% off until August 31st

Lagu Sans Poster
Lagu Sans Poster1 Lagu Sans Poster2
Lagu Sans Sample Text

Unlike the two above families which have very uniform thickness, Lagu Sans is all about line width variation. This is employed to humanize an otherwise standard geometric sans, and to great effect. It has a modern style and large x-height for legibility, making it a perfect choice for modern app GUIs. The whole family is under $50, so jump start your contemporary designs today!

Lagu Sans
Alessio Laiso Type

$47.25 $135.00

Introductory Offer - 65% off until August 31st

Scandiebox Poster
Scandiebox Poster1 Scandiebox Poster2
Scandiebox Sample Text

“Cute” fonts are a dime a dozen these days, but fonts with a whimsical feel that still look like a professional made them? Those are hard to find. Scandiebox is a fantastic font when you need something for kids, food, or just designs that fit a hot summer’s day. It includes a script and a handdrawn font, and also makes the fill in the script a separate font, so you can do some really exciting things with colors. Give it a try!

My Creative Land

$22.25 $89.00

75% off until August 31st

the top deals

Indigo Summer

Reg $18.00   Now $10.80 until August 18th

Indigo Summer Poster Indigo Summer Poster 2

TT Knickerbockers

Reg $36.00   Now $18.00 until September 8th

TT Knickerbockers Poster TT Knickerbockers Poster 2


Reg $199.00   Now $49.75 until August 24th

Quarion Poster Quarion Poster 2

Noyh Geometric Slim

Reg $110.00   Now $22.00 until October 10th

Noyh Geometric Slim Poster Noyh Geometric Slim Poster 2
the notable links
Calibri Makes International Headlines

Calibri Makes International Headlines

Who would have thought that the inappropriate use of a single typeface could be the downfall of a corrupt government leader? Discover how and why the fate of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pivoted around the official release date of Calibri’s commercial font license in this tale of corruption, forgery, and anachronism.

Bethany Heck’s Font Review Journal

Bethany Heck’s Font Review Journal

In this Type Thursday interview, Ulrik Hogrebe talks to designer Bethany Heck about her upcoming web project, The Font Review Journal. Bethany encourages designers to not be so afraid of unique font choices and shares some helpful advice on building beautiful type pairings.

Typography in Classic Rock

Typography in Classic Rock

If you grew up collecting rock albums and marveling at cover art, you’ll definitely enjoy this quiz on which letterforms belong to which classic rock bands. These music legends have not only kept their music in our heads, but also their branding. NME’s online quiz was inspired by the latest poster from Dorothy called Alphabet of Rock. Test your font rock knowledge from ACDC to Zappa.

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