Our October 2017 issue of Fontface features Zing Rust by Fontfabric, Fresh Press by Fenotype, Didonesque Ghost by Paulo Goode, and Merlo Neue Round by Typoforge Studio, as well as a link to the Papyrus sketch on SNL, an archive of Movie Title screenshots, and a blog post about font piracy on Github.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | October 2017
Zing Rust Poster
Zing Rust Poster1 Zing Rust Poster2
Zing Rust Sample Text

Fresh off the grill! Zing Rust is a glorious smorgasbord of over 500 fonts! (Yes, you read that right!) This grunge family has it all: various styles, icons, banners, catchwords and texture out the wazoo. Layer it up for maximum impact at an unbelievable introductory price. If you aren’t sold just yet, check out the demos and see for yourself.

Zing Rust

$47.00 $279.00

Introductory Offer - 83% off until December 4th

Fresh Press Poster
Fresh Press Poster1 Fresh Press Poster2
Fresh Press Sample Text

If you’re looking for an eye-catching fat brush script, Fresh Press is the perfect mix of retro and modern. It adds a smooth swashy flavor without any hint of kitsch and includes grunge versions, stylistic alternates, and ornaments.

Fresh Press


Didonesque Ghost Poster
Didonesque Ghost Poster1 Didonesque Ghost Poster2
Didonesque Ghost Sample Text

This ultra high contrast serif family seems to defy the laws of gravity with hairline stems that are nearly invisible. Didonesque Ghost is delicate, stylish, and perfect for large displays and headlines. Try it out for yourself and get it for a low introductory price.

Didonesque Ghost
Paulo Goode

$36.00 $120.00

Introductory Offer - 70% off until October 31st

Merlo Neue Round Poster
Merlo Neue Round Poster1 Merlo Neue Round Poster2
Merlo Neue Round Sample Text

The newest entry in the Merlo family has a refreshed and refined style. Its geometric form keeps things clean and crisp, and its rounded corners are soft details that take the edge off in larger formats. You can grab this monolinear sans for 90% off this month.

Merlo Neue Round
Typoforge Studio

$19.00 $190.00

90% off until October 31st

the top deals


Reg $126.00   Now $29.99 until November 3rd

Aromática Poster Aromática Poster 2


Reg $175.00   Now $70.00 until October 31st

Banjax Poster Banjax Poster 2


Reg $198.00   Now $19.80 until October 25th

Urania Poster Urania Poster 2

Pensum Display

Reg $359.00   Now $179.50 until November 12th

Pensum Display Poster Pensum Display Poster 2
the notable links
SNL - Papyrus

SNL - Papyrus

Maybe Papyrus was just a starting point. Maybe they modified it. “Well whatever they did, it wasn’t enough!” Ryan Gosling plays a concerned typophile in this Saturday Night Live sketch. Perhaps you can relate.

Movie Title Stills

Movie Title Stills

Christian Annyas has been archiving screenshots of over 4,000 movie title designs on his website since 2009. Though it has few titles beyond 2014, he is currently working on an updated, more definitive site. For more info on how to support the project, visit patreon.com/movietitles.

Github and Font Piracy

Github and Font Piracy

Roel Nieskens points out in his blog how more and more commercial fonts are becoming accidentally pirated through Github’s search features. He also gives helpful advice on how you can be aware and help fix this growing problem in the font community.

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