Our December 2017 issue of Fontface features Highest Praise by Adam Ladd, French Bulldog Script by Sudtipos, Rockeby SemiSerif by My Creative Land, and Duckie by Schizotype Fonts, as well as a link to the Illuminated Bible, Vinicius Araújo’s alphabet of electronic brands, and Chris Coyier’s recommended reading list of typography books.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | December 2017
Highest Praise Poster
Highest Praise Poster1 Highest Praise Poster2
Highest Praise Sample Text

Have you been searching for a script for your holiday cards that looks casual, contemporary, and classy? Behold! (Cue the angelic choir.) Adam Ladd has delivered a textured, hand-drawn script that looks effortless and elegant.

Highest Praise
Adam Ladd

$10.50 $14.00

Introductory Offer - 25% off until January 3rd

French Bulldog Script Poster
French Bulldog Script Poster1 French Bulldog Script Poster2
French Bulldog Script Sample Text

This uneven brush script marches to the beat of its own drum but finds beauty in the chaos. Embrace a little spontaneity, stop to smell the roses, and take French Bulldog out for a stroll.

French Bulldog Script

$24.50 $49.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until December 22nd

Rockeby SemiSerif Poster
Rockeby SemiSerif Poster1 Rockeby SemiSerif Poster2
Rockeby SemiSerif Sample Text

Whether it’s rocking the rough edges or the smooth curves, the Rockeby SemiSerif family offers a striking, modern style for a low price. Pair it with the Rockeby Brush family, or the original Rockeby collection, for endless possibilities.

Rockeby SemiSerif
My Creative Land


Duckie Poster
Duckie Poster1 Duckie Poster2
Duckie Sample Text

At first glance, Duckie may appear to be another throwback novelty font, but this pleasantly plump display script works in a variety of settings. The low contrast and softened edges are begging to fill up the empty space in your design.

Schizotype Fonts

$20.00 $40.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until December 29th

the top deals

Bunaero Pro

Reg $225.00   Now $27.00 until December 30th

Bunaero Pro Poster Bunaero Pro Poster 2


Reg $319.99   Now $64.00 until December 21st

Eldwin Poster Eldwin Poster 2

TT Travels

Reg $135.00   Now $27.00 until December 15th

TT Travels Poster TT Travels Poster 2

Above The Sky

Reg $39.99   Now $19.99 until December 31st

Above The Sky Poster Above The Sky Poster 2
the notable links
The Illuminated Bible

The Illuminated Bible

You may be familiar with the lettering work of Dana Tanamachi. Her latest project is a beautifully ornamented edition of the Bible, available in three styles through Crossway Books. No matter what your religious beliefs are, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the artistry that went into this.

Electronic Brands Alphabet

Electronic Brands Alphabet

Vinicius Araújo has rendered a series of letters, each representing an electronic brand. He used Helvetica as a starting point and combined it with the aesthetics of an iconic piece of technology. See if you can identify each one.

Typography Reading List

Typography Reading List

Just in time for the holiday season, web designer Chris Coyier has compiled a list of typography books that could make great gifts for that special typophile in your life.

the fine print

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