Our January 2018 issue of Fontface features Karlo by Northern Block, Sonder by Fenotype, Neato Serif by Adam Ladd, and Kappa Vol. 2 by W Foundry, as well as a link to CNN's list of six fonts that changed how we see the world, an article on designing and producing the typeface Wind, and an article on the creation of IBM Plex.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | January 2018
Karlo Poster
Karlo Poster1 Karlo Poster2
Karlo Sample Text

The stylish yet simple Karlo family features Slab, Sans, and Open variations. All have a distinctly modern feel. The open version has a decorative look, while the elegant slab and sans versions hold their own in both display and paragraph settings.

The Northern Block

$79.00 $395.00

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Sonder Poster
Sonder Poster1 Sonder Poster2
Sonder Sample Text

The warm and welcoming Sonder family consists of a classic brush script and a strong sans. Sonder Script has a generous x-height, standard ligatures, and contextual alternates to keep things bright and energetic. Sonder Sans is an all caps font with varied widths that is anything but boring. Textured or clean, this family will brighten your winter day.


$32.50 $65.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until January 31st

Neato Serif Poster
Neato Serif Poster1 Neato Serif Poster2
Neato Serif Sample Text

Neato Serif lives up to its retro name with its playful ball terminals and quirky swashes. The high-contrast hand-drawn letterforms have a subtle texture for a bit of a weathered vintage look.

Neato Serif
Adam Ladd

$11.50 $23.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until January 22nd

Kappa Vol. 2 Poster
Kappa Vol. 2 Poster1 Kappa Vol. 2 Poster2
Kappa Vol. 2 Sample Text

This sequel to W Foundry's super-clean sans is a slab that looks great in any format. With a narrowed structure, Kappa Vol. 2 remains extremely readable, and feels sturdy and stabilized in bold and thin weights.

Kappa Vol. 2
W Foundry


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the notable links
Six Fonts That Changed How We See the World

Six Fonts That Changed How We See the World

Author Paul McNeil provides this list of eye-opening typefaces that have broken ground in the history of design and communication.

Designing Wind

Designing Wind

Peter Bilak shares his experience with artist Hansje van Halem, a graphic designer who blurs the lines between image and type. Learn how he brought her complex layered type project into production.

IBM Plex

IBM Plex

As IBM began shedding its Helvetica skin, they wanted to design an iconic typeface that accurately reflected their brand. Take a look behind the scenes at the making of IBM Plex.

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