Our May 2018 issue of Fontface features TT Severs by TypeType, The Bartender by Vintage Voyage Design, Darwin Rounded by Los Andes Type, and Verbatim by Paulo Goode. We also feature our book review on The Golden Secrets of Lettering, an article on Kanye West's potential neck tattoo, and a Johns Hopkins study on lowercase letter recognition.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | May 2018
The Bartender Poster
The Bartender Poster1 The Bartender Poster2
The Bartender Sample Text

Just like your favorite craft brewery, The Bartender serves up traditional flavors that blend together perfectly and have that authentic taste. The script feels elegant and logo-friendly, while the bolder caps look great in headlines.

The Bartender
Vintage Voyage Design

$18.00 $36.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until May 11th

TT Severs Poster
TT Severs Poster1 TT Severs Poster2
TT Severs Sample Text

You saw it first on Fontspring! TT Severs has more unique style than your typical sans. For one, you’ll notice the stylized internal shapes. The oval and bracket forms combine curves with corners, mimicking traditional Arabic writing.

TT Severs

$29.70 $135.00

Introductory Offer - 78% off until June 6th

Darwin Rounded Poster
Darwin Rounded Poster1 Darwin Rounded Poster2
Darwin Rounded Sample Text

This modern addition to the Darwin collection is friendly, yet still structured and slightly condensed. Its masculine body shape has a softer edge so it sits just right in a variety of contexts.

Darwin Rounded
Los Andes Type

$34.02 $189.00

Introductory Offer - 82% off until May 17th

Verbatim Poster
Verbatim Poster1 Verbatim Poster2
Verbatim Sample Text

Looking for a sans with plenty of width and weight variation? The cinematic Verbatim family has got you covered with 60 epic fonts. Inspired by 1970s sci-fi, this voluminous family brings retro-futuristic flavor into the 21st century.

Paulo Goode

$75.00 $300.00

Introductory Offer - 75% off until May 31st

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Sabbatical Poster Sabbatical Poster 2

Roc Grotesk

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Roc Grotesk Poster Roc Grotesk Poster 2
the notable links
Golden Secrets Book Review

Golden Secrets Book Review

Ever since we saw Martina Flor’s presentation at Typecon, we had been looking forward to reading her book, The Golden Secrets of Lettering. Read our latest review on the Fontspring blog to see why this beautiful book is a must-read for any lover of type.

Kanye West’s Typographic Neck Tattoo

Kanye West’s Typographic Neck Tattoo

In a recent tweet by Kanye West, it would seem he’s excited to get a “custom” designed neck tattoo (despite the fact that it’s literally just a free novelty font). Needless to say we’re not convinced it’s a great idea.

Lowercase “G”?

Lowercase “G”?

Think you know your letterforms? Would you believe researchers from Johns Hopkins University recently found that only 7 out of 25 study participants knew what a lowercase looptail “g” looked like?

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