Our November issue of Fontface features Draft by Yellow Design Studio, Schnebel Slab Pro by URW Type Foundry, Singel by Fontfabric and Quiche Sans by Adam Ladd. We also include a Fontspring blog post on achieving typographic feng shui with OpenType, a look at what goes into making a font at Underscore type foundry, and a link to a news article on how Sans Forgetica helps students remember information.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | November 2018
Draft™ Poster
Draft™ Poster1 Draft™ Poster2
Draft™ Sample Text

How’s this for a feast to be thankful for? Yellow Design’s newest family is a whopping 144 sans serif fonts for one extremely low price, sure to satisfy any appetite.

Yellow Design Studio

$39.00 $49.00

Introductory Offer - 20% off until November 24th

Schnebel Slab Pro Poster
Schnebel Slab Pro Poster1 Schnebel Slab Pro Poster2
Schnebel Slab Pro Sample Text

URW’s fresh new family contains 36 beautiful slab serifs with ligatures and small caps. Schnebel Slab looks strong and handsome in headlines and reads easily in long paragraphs.

Schnebel Slab Pro
URW Type Foundry

$74.97 $149.95

Introductory Offer - 50% off until November 5th

Singel Poster
Singel Poster1 Singel Poster2
Singel Sample Text

Singel is a semi-condensed serif with crisp edges that give it a distinct flavor. Its graceful stroke modulation makes for sophisticated letterforms in ten chic styles.


$35.00 $175.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until November 16th

Quiche Sans Poster
Quiche Sans Poster1 Quiche Sans Poster2
Quiche Sans Sample Text

Adam Ladd’s Quiche is too good to pass up and demands a second helping. This sans serif sequel is as beautiful and elegant as the original, with a didone feel and angled stems.

Quiche Sans
Adam Ladd

$19.80 $99.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until November 19th

the top deals


Reg $450.00   Now $180.00 until November 30th

Mediator Poster Mediator Poster 2


Reg $249.95   Now $49.99 until November 9th

Spencer Poster Spencer Poster 2

TT Firs Neue

Reg $180.00   Now $39.60 until November 29th

TT Firs Neue Poster TT Firs Neue Poster 2


Reg $239.00   Now $47.80 until November 16th

Body Poster Body Poster 2
the notable links
Feng shui and OpenType

Feng shui and OpenType

You may be overlooking many useful OpenType features hidden in your fonts. Read our latest Fontspring blog post to discover a few simple ways to take your designs to the next level with OpenType.

From idea to typeface

From idea to typeface

Johannes Neumeier of Underscore type foundry offers an in-depth look at creating a new typeface. You’ll gain a new appreciation for font designers as you peek behind the scenes from pencil sketch to final product.

Sans Forgetica

Sans Forgetica

Last month we looked at a font that helps students cut corners. This month, we’ve linked to a new font with a few corners cut off, that could help students remember things. Psychology researchers in Australia have created the definitive “unforgettable” typeface.

the fine print

Masthead set in Balboa & Tenez, body set in Questa Slab & Tenso

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