Our July issue of Fontface features Kitsch by Zetafonts, Explorer by Fenotype, Integra by Sudtipos, and Megabyte by Type Atelier. We also feature links to Yves Peters' ScreenFonts critique on film poster typography, the new "Just My Type" podcast, and a simple breakdown on the difference between a typeface and a font.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | July 2019
Kitsch Poster
Kitsch Poster1 Kitsch Poster2
Kitsch Sample Text

Kitsch’s streamlined curves contrast nicely with angular edges for a sturdy yet fashionable feel. This “bold, confident, and slightly arrogant” 32-font family from Zetafonts is distinctly modern but grounded in calligraphic roots.


$29.25 $195.00

Introductory Offer - 85% off until July 21st

Integra Poster
Integra Poster1 Integra Poster2
Integra Sample Text

Integra hits you like a cool breeze. This set of six fonts from Sudtipos gracefully blurs the lines between sans and serif with drastic flares and rounded corners. Its contemporary arch-like letterforms give it a stylized architectural look.


$59.50 $119.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until July 13th

Megabyte Poster
Megabyte Poster1 Megabyte Poster2
Megabyte Sample Text

This family of ten sans fonts has a modern simplistic look with a friendly feel. Subtle interesting touches like its curved corners and a unique set of ligatures set it apart from the more basic geometric families. Megabyte is versatile, convenient, and easy on the eyes.

Type Atelier

$74.50 $149.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until July 13th

Explorer Poster
Explorer Poster1 Explorer Poster2
Explorer Sample Text

Fenotype’s Explorer collection consists of eight fonts with clean and textured versions of each, plus catchwords, swashes and pictograms for a hefty family with an intrepid spirit. Brave the rugged wilderness with this script, sans, and serif.


$24.50 $70.00

Introductory Offer - 65% off until July 31st

the top deals

Kotto Slab

Reg $190.00   Now $38.00 until July 25th

Kotto Slab Poster Kotto Slab Poster 2


Reg $20.00   Now $8.00 until July 14th

Gratinoli Poster Gratinoli Poster 2


Reg $169.00   Now $25.35 until August 31st

Delfino Poster Delfino Poster 2


Reg $500.00   Now $250.00 until August 31st

Masny Poster Masny Poster 2
the notable links
ScreenFonts on Adobe Create

ScreenFonts on Adobe Create

Yves Peters brings his critique of typography on modern movie posters to Adobe Create Magazine, as he reviews posters for Us, Greta, The Hole in the Ground, and more.

Just My Type podcast

Just My Type podcast

With the abundance of podcasts out there, very few exist on the topic of typography. Just My Type is a new podcast with two font fanatics that chat about a different typeface each week.

Typeface vs Font

Typeface vs Font

Though many believe the terms are interchangeable, Daniella Alscher offers a simple breakdown of the difference between a typeface and a font.

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