Our February 2016 issue of Fontspring Five features five families that include one (or more!) free weights. They include Sanchez from Latinotype, Look Script from Insigne Design, Museo Sans from exljbris Font Foundry, Ethos from Fonts with Love, and Novecento Sans from Synthview Type Design.

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Fontspring: Fontspring Five Newsletter | February 2016

The Fontspring Five is a new newsletter we'll be bringing you at the end of every month. Each issue will showcase a particular theme represented by 5 typefaces.

This month we're highlighting font families that give away one or more weights for FREE. You can use them in print or web work, for free, forever. If you find them useful, consider coming back and rewarding the font designers with a purchase. All of them are reasonably priced and incredibly useful. We hope you like them!

Sanchez Poster
Sanchez Sample Text

Sánchez is a fantastic slab serif font. Use it for text or some banners with the free regular and italic weights, or purchase the thicker weights and expand it to even more bold titling.


$88.20 $126.00

30% off until March 23rd

Look Script Poster
Look Script Sample Text

The free weight of Look Script has a wood grain effect that we find very useful, not limiting or gimmicky. It works great for vintage effects, especially since it’s on the subtler side. Use it in a variety of designs, or opt for the full family and get a bunch more weights and effects.

Look Script
Insigne Design


Museo Sans Poster
Museo Sans Sample Text

Museo Sans, along with the other Museo fonts, are workhorse fonts that find their home anywhere. You can design a whole site in the 500 weights that are free, or create awesome looking banners. We love it for text especially. If you need a font family that’s not expensive, opt for this one, it’s a perfect first family for a new designer.

Museo Sans
exljbris Font Foundry


Ethos Poster
Ethos Sample Text

Sure you could use Times or Garamond in all your designs and look like everyone else, or you could grab Ethos and Ethos italic for free, and make original designs with a more contemporary serif font. If you fall in love with Ethos (and you will) the whole family is half off right now!

Fonts with Love

$125.00 $250.00

50% off until March 21st

Novecento Sans Poster
Novecento Sans Sample Text

Novecento Sans actually got most of its popularity from its free weights, the Novecento Wide fonts. They make fantastic titling fonts, especially for modern designs. Plus there’s 6 weights to work with that are all free, giving you a really solid variety to make your designs.

Novecento Sans
Synthview Type Design


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