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A ten font family. This contains every font in the Museo Sans Family.

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Museo Sans is a Geometric sans serif designed to fit into any style and fit beautifully. Based on the Museo font, Museo Sans has surpassed its namesake and become a style synonymous with modern, refined styles. Highly legible even at the smallest sizes, Museo Sans is a great font for web or apps, where legibility is even more important.

The best part about Museo, is you can try it right now. Get one of the free weights and use them in your designs. If you love it (and you will) you can fill out the family. Not only that, Museo has a companion serif font (Museo), slab serif font (Museo Slab) which, when combined, make a superfamily perfect for brand identity.

Foundry: exljbris Font Foundry
Price: $16.50
Style: Sans Serif
Licenses: Desktop
Web Font

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