Our March 2017 issue of Fontface features Javiera from Latinotype, Hello Pretty from Nicky Laatz, Toma Sans from JAM Type, and Neusa Next from The Northern Block.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | March 2017
Javiera Poster
Javiera Poster1 Javiera Poster2
Javiera Sample Text

We often say that fonts having a high x-height (which is just the height of the lowercase x) is a positive thing, and it does have many positives. However, there’s a certain display quality that you get with fonts with a low x-height, and it can be very appealing in its own right. Javiera combines this with some very beautiful curves to create a font that would work perfectly for menu items or other places where some fanciness is desirable.


$28.50 $189.00

Introductory Offer - 85% off until March 22nd

Hello Pretty Poster
Hello Pretty Poster1 Hello Pretty Poster2
Hello Pretty Sample Text

Nicky Laatz has a talent for bringing brush scripts to life with subtle variations and roughness that brings character out of the font. Hello Pretty continues that trend with a rough script that almost looks like it was drawn in lipstick. Not only that, it has lots of alternates and a whole set of cutesy elements to bring your girly and fun designs to life.

Hello Pretty
Nicky Laatz


Toma Sans Poster
Toma Sans Poster1 Toma Sans Poster2
Toma Sans Sample Text

Toma Sans isan, contemporary, and $45 for the 14 font family. I really shouldn’t need to continue this paragraph to convince you to buy it, but if you need more, here’s more: It also has razor thin weights for display use that you can’t often get, and they look especially excellent on high definition displays. This is a winner from a foundry new to Fontspring and you won’t be disappointed if you give any of their families a try.

Toma Sans
JAM Type


Neusa Next Pro Poster
Neusa Next Pro Poster1 Neusa Next Pro Poster2
Neusa Next Pro Sample Text

Neusa was one of the big releases of yesteryear from The Northern Block. Now, with many more years of design under their belts, they’ve updated and improved upon the original. Not only does it have design upgrades, but it now supports Cyrillic and comes with 4 different widths for when you need to fit more text in or stretch out your titles for big impact. If you love Neusa, this update is worth your money and if you haven’t fallen in love yet, it’s a great time to jump in!

Neusa Next Pro
The Northern Block

$86.18 $430.92

Introductory Offer - 80% off until April 3rd

the top deals

Artegra Sans

Reg $575.00   Now $115.00 until April 16th

Artegra Sans Poster Artegra Sans Poster 2

Revla Sans

Reg $50.00   Now $25.00 until March 20th

Revla Sans Poster Revla Sans Poster 2


Reg $45.00   Now $18.00 until April 12th

Likely Poster Likely Poster 2

Uni Neue

Reg $179.00   Now $47.00 until March 31st

Uni Neue Poster Uni Neue Poster 2
the notable links
TYPE Magazine

TYPE Magazine

Roger Black and Doug Wilson have recently started up a print and digital magazine focusing on the people and stories behind the letters you love. Their stated goal is to appeal to all “who love fonts, typography, calligraphy, lettering, sign painting—letterforms of all kinds.” We’ll be keeping a close eye on the articles they publish and enjoying every single one.

Why Typography Matters

Why Typography Matters

Well that was quite an ending to the Oscars. Benjamin Bannister argues here that the whole debacle could have been avoided if some different typographic descisions had been made...or perhaps if any typographic decisions had been made in the first place. Anyway, congratulations to Moonlight on winning Best Picture!

Futura - A Storied History

Futura - A Storied History

In this short video from Vox, Phil Edwards follows the path that Futura, designed by Paul Renner in 1927, has taken from Nazi Germany to the moon. He sheds light on the unique challenges that Futura overcame to become the “type of the future” in the 1930s and a classic today.

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