Our October issue of Fontface features Double Porter by Fenotype, Squick by Rodrigo Typo, Monroe by Latinotype and Maipo Sans by Compañía Tipográfica De Chile. We also include links fo articles on Times Newer Roman being used in schools, the popularity of bridesmaid scripts, and Toshi Omagari's thoughts on retro video game fonts.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | October 2018
Double Porter Poster
Double Porter Poster1 Double Porter Poster2
Double Porter Sample Text

The Double Porter family serves up a double shot of classic sans fonts, a script, catchwords, ornaments, and swashes. Crisp and clean or fresh off the press, Double Porter hits the spot.

Double Porter

$21.00 $70.00

Introductory Offer - 70% off until October 31st

Squick Poster
Squick Poster1 Squick Poster2
Squick Sample Text

Rodrigo Typo has proven that not all comic fonts are created equal. Squick defies classification with its asymmetrical quirks and a balanced stylish edge. It comes complete with eight weights, hefty shadows, and dingbats for high impact.

Rodrigo Typo

$30.00 $150.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until October 31st

Monroe Poster
Monroe Poster1 Monroe Poster2
Monroe Sample Text

Between its alluring curves and bouncy curls, Monroe lives up to its blonde bombshell namesake. It’s definitely more than a pretty typeface, offering customizable swashes, ligatures and nesting characters.


$39.75 $159.00

Introductory Offer - 75% off until October 15th

Maipo Sans Poster
Maipo Sans Poster1 Maipo Sans Poster2
Maipo Sans Sample Text

Whether it’s solid or stencil, Maipo Sans works in both subtle and striking ways, depending on the weight. Its reverse contrast and angled ascenders stand out in bold headlines and become more functional in thinner weights.

Maipo Sans
Compañía Tipográfica De Chile

$56.00 $280.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until October 31st

the top deals

TT Barrels

Reg $165.00   Now $39.60 until November 2nd

TT Barrels Poster TT Barrels Poster 2

Shandon Slab

Reg $198.00   Now $39.60 until October 18th

Shandon Slab Poster Shandon Slab Poster 2


Reg $180.00   Now $36.00 until October 26th

Config Poster Config Poster 2


Reg $59.00   Now $14.75 until October 13th

Quida Poster Quida Poster 2
the notable links
Times Newer Roman

Times Newer Roman

Teachers beware! This sneaky new imposter font is making its way into school term papers via lazy students. See how a tiny difference in font width can affect an entire essay.

The rise of modern calligraphy

The rise of modern calligraphy

Whether you love them or hate them, they’re everywhere. Eliza Brooke explains why bouncy scripts have cornered the market on Etsy crafts, greeting cards, and wedding invitations.

Retro video game fonts

Retro video game fonts

From Space Invaders to Street Fighter, Monotype’s Toshi Omagari finds inspiration in the “wonderfully terrible” pixel fonts from arcade classics.

the fine print

Masthead set in Balboa & Tenez, body set in Questa Slab & Tenso

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