Our March issue of Fontface features Every by Anita Jurgeleit, Mont Blanc by Fontfabric, Resonay by Typemates, and Yink by Eclectotype. We also link to Google Fonts new icons, the Evolutionary Edition of Darwin's Origin of Species book, and a look at MGM's Brand Evolution.

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Fontspring: Fontface Newsletter | March 2021
Every Poster
Every Poster1 Every Poster2
Every Sample Text

Every is both lovely and legible, with a super wide range of use. This 24-font family is well equipped to tackle whatever text you throw at it with grace and elegance.

Anita Jürgeleit

$69.00 $345.00

Introductory Offer - 80% off until April 6th

Mont Blanc Poster
Mont Blanc Poster1 Mont Blanc Poster2
Mont Blanc Sample Text

Fontfabric’s latest geometric sans family picks up right where its best-selling predecessor, Mont, left off. Mont Blanc is a fresh set of 18 fonts complete with variable weights.

Mont Blanc

$70.00 $175.00

Introductory Offer - 60% off until March 31st

Resonay Poster
Resonay Poster1 Resonay Poster2
Resonay Sample Text

Resonay is an elegant high-contrast serif family with a calligraphic rhythm. Layer it up for some extra colorful style, or keep it classically conservative.


$182.50 $365.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until March 14th

Yink Poster
Yink Poster1 Yink Poster2
Yink Sample Text

The name says it all! This funky yet charming display font is pure eye candy and we love it. Grab Yink for half price this month!

Eclectotype Fonts

$20.00 $40.00

Introductory Offer - 50% off until March 31st

the top deals


Reg $123.00   Now $49.20 until April 23rd

Grotesco Poster Grotesco Poster 2


Reg $189.99   Now $76.00 until April 4th

VanSans Poster VanSans Poster 2


Reg $80.00   Now $32.00 until April 30th

Montas Poster Montas Poster 2


Reg $25.00   Now $12.50 until March 20th

Benoa Poster Benoa Poster 2
the notable links
Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Google Fonts unveiled its colorful new logo along with a new collection of open source icons. Read more about it on their Material Design blog.

<i>On the Origin of Species</i>

On the Origin of Species

The Evolutionary Edition of Charles Darwin’s book uses clever typographic tricks to show how the text itself has evolved over the years.

MGM’s Brand Evolution

MGM’s Brand Evolution

MGM’s classic roaring lion logo just went full CGI, in true Hollywood fashion.

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