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Designed by Dave Rowland, Yink is a display font published by Eclectotype Fonts.

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Yink Regular

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Yink takes big, bulbous, ball terminals up a notch, by repeating the shapes not only in the black but in the white space too. This interplay between black and white shapes is reminiscent of the yinyang symbol in places, which is where the name Yink originates. It’s a shamelessly over-the-top font, and should be set large.
There’s a handful of OpenType features, including ligatures and alternates:
Ligatures for ff, fft, ft, tt, gj
Alternates are grouped into stylistic sets:
1. An alternate u, possibly more legible, but definitely not as much fun!
2. Again, a more boring version of m, just in case the default is ambiguous.
3. A more exuberant L
4. A blackletter informed T
5. Alternate P and R
6. An alternate 1 (one)

Foundry Eclectotype Fonts
Price $20.00
ReleasedFebruary 23, 2021
Style Display
Designer Dave Rowland
Licenses Desktop
Web Font