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Oddval Text

Designed by Stan Partalev and Mirela Belova, Oddval Text is a sans serif font family. This typeface has nineteen styles and was published by Type Forward.

• Extension of the Oddval font family, optimized for readability in smaller sizes while preserving the original aesthetic.
• Legibility-focused design with recalibrated curves and balanced spacing for various media.
• High x-height, minimal stroke contrast, and subtle ink traps for small text clarity.
• Comprises 9 weights from Hairline to Heavy, each with an italic version, plus a variable font format.
• Supports over 220 languages, including Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts.
• Features ligatures, stylistic sets, and contextual alternates for diverse typographic needs.
• Versatile for body text, headlines, branding, editorial, web design, logo design, and more.
• Balances readability with style, suitable for various design contexts.

Oddval Text, as an extension of the Oddval font family, is designed to improve readability in smaller sizes while retaining the distinctive aesthetic of the original typeface. The typeface is a response to the user’s needs, balancing functionality with the distinctively “odd” design specific to the family. It’s tailored to meet the modern typographic demands of both print and digital media, offering a versatile solution that respects the legacy of its predecessor.

Design Approach:
In designing Oddval Text, special attention was given to its legibility across a diverse range of media. This involved carefully recalibrating curves and a thoughtful balance of space within each character. These adjustments ensure comfortable reading, whether the typeface is used in traditional print or the dynamic realm of digital screens. The goal was to create a typeface that excels in clarity and ease of reading in every context it’s employed without sacrificing its character.

Distinct Features:
Retaining the foundational elements of the original Oddval, such as the high x-height and minimal stroke contrast, Oddval Text introduces more subtle ink traps. These refinements significantly enhance legibility, particularly in smaller text sizes, without sacrificing the typeface’s inherent character. This delicate balance of features makes Oddval Text exceptionally versatile and equally adept at crafting compelling headlines or rendering a readable body text.

Font Family Composition:
The Oddval Text collection boasts a comprehensive range of 9 weights, extending from Hairline to Heavy, and an italic version complements each weight. All styles can also be found compacted into one variable font format, broadening the scope for expressive typography. This spectrum of styles allows designers to adapt the typeface to various design scenarios.

Technical Specifications:
Designed to cater to a global audience, Oddval Text supports over 220 languages, including Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts. The typeface is also equipped with a rich array of typographic features, including a suite of ligatures, stylistic sets, and contextual alternates. These advanced capabilities make Oddval Text a robust tool for tackling complex typographic challenges in the supported languages.

Oddval Text excels in environments that demand heavy text usage, offering clarity and readability that makes it ideal for lengthy editorial content that needs a bit of character. Its distinctive letter shapes also make it a strong contender for impactful headlines, logos, and branding applications. Whether employed in print layouts, web design, or digital interfaces, Oddval Text brings a cohesive aesthetic that complements the broader Oddval family while standing confidently on its own.

Oddval Text is a practical typeface for a comprehensive typographic solution. It bridges the gap between readability and stylistic expression, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. From the meticulous details in its design to its wide-ranging functionality, Oddval Text ensures clarity, visual appeal, and versatility in every design context it inhabits.

Foundry Type Forward
Fonts 19
Price $19.00
Released March 6, 2024
Style Sans Serif
Designers Stan Partalev, Mirela Belova

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