Chalice is a display serif font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Canada Type.


Chalice Regular


Chalice Bold


Chalice Black Regular


Chalice Light Regular


Chalice is a new original Canada Type family inspired by two different engraving eras and locations: Medieval England and 19th century Russia.

Chalice’s construct is geometric at heart, though the wedge serifs and their contribution to the overall idiosyncrasies of the counterspace give it a spirit entirely different from usual geometric types. Chalice’s personality is that of a knowledgeable advisor, clinical yet old-fashioned, aware yet unsurprised, secular yet serene, clear yet artistic, hungry yet redeemable.

Chalice comes in 4 weights, light to black, that range in expression from a sobering wise whisper of confidence all the way to the bells and whistles of Judgment Day. Such flexibility in expression among the different weights of the same typeface of this kind is quite rare, and will be appreciated by discriminating graphic artists who require more than just another tombstone type.

Chalice’s character set comes fully loaded across all 4 weights. Two dozen alternates are built into the map, including unicase variations on the a and e, double-barred alternatives for A, E, F, H and S, and connecting versions of b, d, f, h and t. Such variety gives the user to subtly define the set type without overpowering it.

Chalice comes in all popular font formats, and is available in single weights, as well as one complete affordable package.