Wayfinding Sans Symbols

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Designed by Andreas Wohlleben, Wayfinding Sans Symbols is a dingbat font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by FDI Type Foundry.


Wayfinding Sans Symbols 1


Wayfinding Sans Symbols 2


Wayfinding Sans Symbols 3


Wayfinding Sans Symbols 4


Placing pictograms as single vector images makes designing signage a time-consuming task. But with Wayfinding Sans Symbols and its built-in OpenType intelligence using pictograms becomes as easy as typing words. With Wayfinding Sans Symbols you don’t need to scroll through endless glyph palettes to look for one symbol among hundreds of symbols. Just active ligatures and type in the mnemonic codes like #wheelchair, #parking, #toilet and so on. An overview of these codes can be found in the type specimen PDF. Each pictogram is available in 4 different versions and you can easily assign an additional background color or turn the symbol into a prohibition sign.

Wayfinding Sans Symbols has a full coverage of the Unicode range “Transport & Map symbols” and a lot of additional signs that are missing in the typical wayfinding symbol sets.

Beside the pictograms, Wayfinding Sans Symbols also has a huge set of arrows for every possible situation and you can easily switch between the different sets using OpenType feature controls. The enclosed letters and figures make it easy to set transport line numbers, room & storey numbers and much more.

Wayfinding Sans Symbols is the perfect addition to Ralf Herrmann’s signage typeface Wayfinding Sans Pro, but it can also be used with any other typeface.

Foundry FDI Type Foundry
Price $25.00
Fontspring Debut2017
Style Dingbat
Designer Andreas Wohlleben
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad

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