Selectric Melt

Designed by Alexander Bobrov, Selectric Melt is a serif and typewriter font published by Indian Summer Studio.


Selectric Melt Regular


A classical 20-th century’s (1900s to 1980s) typewriter font for both text and large display usage, titles, signage…

A new thicker version of Selectric (2016), as if typed using not a thin carbon ribbon but a coarse fabric one. Both are available on a different models of Selectrics.

Made after rare enough samples of the same style used during 1980s in the USSR.

Based on the actual letter proportions of the original typewriter Selectric (2016) (Cyrillic ball). This time not monospaced as before, but proportional.

The single known so far previous typewriter vector typeface with this ‘ink blotting’ effect (similarly expanded serifs) as in Dodo (2008) is ITC American Typewriter (1974; by Joel Kaden and Tony Stan) and all its hand drawn analogs from 1980s (and perhaps before).

Which, in turn, is resembling ATF Bulletin Typewriter’s (1925, 1933; by Morris Fuller Benton) overall proportions, geometry, and even had some natural ink expands in its paper sample (but not by design, as I see it).

Foundry Indian Summer Studio
Price $45.00
Styles Serif, Typewriter
Designer Alexander Bobrov
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad