LiebeRuth is a display serif and typewriter font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by LiebeFonts.


LiebeRuth Light


LiebeRuth Regular


LiebeRuth Medium


LiebeRuth Bold


LiebeRuth is your 100 percent hand-made organic type. She absolutely loves to be typeset in large *and* small sizes, because Legibility is her middle name. (Yes, we know it’s not a typical girl’s name.) She is friendly and polite, but she also has a few quirks. Her friends are impressed with how natural she manages to look every day.

Her four weights ensure that Ruth has the right boldness for any context: birthday invitation, personal correspondence, photo album, or billboard ad.

During the creation of this font, her designer ate plenty of healthy, organic foods. We think this is the reason why Ruth looks so fresh and lively. And of course Ruth has been designed with lots of Liebe (which is German for “love”—and she speaks many other languages, too).

One more thing Ruth is marvelous at: showing off her curly-swirly swashed alternative letterforms that can be activated via OpenType. (Please make sure your software supports OpenType if you wish to use the advanced features.) Each style contains more than 560 gluten-free glyphs—now that is great value!

If you like this font, you may want to look at LiebeRuth’s bolder sister LiebeDoni and our best-sellers LiebeErika and LiebeKlara. Or add in some LiebeOrnaments to prepare a curly-licious feast.

Foundry LiebeFonts
Price $29.90
Styles Display Serif, Typewriter
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad