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Designed by Guillaume Grall, Axel Pelletanche-Thévenart and Benoit Santiard, Knif Mono is a serif and typewriter font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by A is for...

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Knif (pronounce [Ka-neef]) is an acute and sharp-as-a-knife monospaced typeface. Its starkness results from a very short and intense design process.

Knif is the product of a team of 4 french people: It has been designed by Axel Pelletanche-Thévenart under the artistic direction of Guillaume Grall and Benoît Santiard, then Émilie Rigaud, head of “A is for… type foundry”, took care of the production of the final typeface.

Foundry A is for...
Price $135.00
Styles Serif, Typewriter
Designers Guillaume Grall, Axel Pelletanche-Thévenart, Benoit Santiard
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