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Harri Display

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Designed by Juan Blanco, Harri Display is a display and historical font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by Blancoletters.

On Sale! Harri Display

$120.00 $48.00

A five font family. This contains every font in the Harri Display Family.

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Harri –“stone” in Basque language– is a display font based on the peculiar letter forms used in signs and fascias all over the Basque Country. This idiosyncratic lettering style, very often used as an identity signifier, evolved from ancient inscriptions carved on gravestones which can still be found in the French part of the Basque Country (Behe Nafarroa, Lapurdi and Zuberoa).
Harri takes some of its more significant features from those engraved letter forms, but also from the current overemphasized shapes derived from them, while keeping in sight their antecessors: the Romanesque inscriptions and ultimately the Roman Capitals. Gerard Unger once said “the black version of a font is a caricature of the regular”. This may explain how the odd heavy shapes in use in the Basque Country today might have evolved from their engraved roots, which are already an interpretation of Romanesque and Roman letter forms.

This evolution is echoed in Harri through its weights, from the clean formal Roman-inspired light to the extreme expressive Basque-style extra bold.

Foundry Blancoletters
Price $15.60
Fontspring DebutMay 4, 2020
Styles Display, Historical
Designer Juan Luis Blanco
Licenses Desktop
Web Font