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Hummingbird  |  2 Styles starting at $39.00
Samantha  |  4 Styles starting at $15.00
Adorn Slab Serif Bold  |  1 Styles starting at $20.00

In college, a professor pointed me to pages in a design book’s lettering section, and I swooned. Such an artistic and spontaneous task, with pen or brush pen or steel nib pen in hand, yet so controlled, as each letter perfectly approaches or intertwines with the next, in a flowing precision. I knew to my core that I'd found my lifework. In September of 2010, I transitioned from freelance graphic design to typeface design. The intent of my typefaces is to create something unique and well designed, filling a niche in the vast marketplace of fonts, and offering several design possibilities through the addition of alternates, swashes and ornaments. I love creating letters and I aim to demonstrate that passion through my designs. My hope is that my typefaces will assist you in your creative endeavors.

Laura Worthington

Laura Worthington

Type Designer

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Adorn Solo Smooth  |  1 Styles starting at $20.00
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Adorn Smooth Roman  |  1 Styles starting at $20.00

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